Courtney Stodden’s Mom Resigns As Her Manager Over Sex Tape! Courtney Responds – Blames Her Mom’s Desire For Fame!

Courtney Stodden With Mom Krista Keller

In today’s ULTIMATE IRONY, the woman who encouraged her sixteen-year-old daughter to marry a 50-year-old, is now disappointed by the trajectory of her career. Krista Keller has quit managing her daughter Courtney Stodden‘s career in light of Courtney’s sex tape release because, she’s disappointed. Yes, Courtney’s momager has resigned over “serious creative differences.” Apparently Krista would have never released a sex tape – even for the animals, even when threatened by best friends… 

Krista explains that Courtney has become “difficult to work with” because of other people interfering in the direction of Courtney’s career. “I love her very much and I decided to step down due to creative differences,” she explains. “I think you can figure out why,” Krista sniffed. 


Interestingly it is Courtney’s husband Doug Hutchison who largely assists in the managing Courtney’s career. Krista, when appearing on Couples Therapy once gushed about how much she loved Doug as she begged her daughter not to abandon her marriage, won’t confirm that it is Doug whom she is having disagreements with, but it’s heavily implied. 

For Krista describes her daughter’s decision to release a solo sex tape – for charity!–  “very disappointing” and she laments that she would have handled Courtney’s career differently. “I felt that things were not being done the way I felt they should be done. I think there was interference there and not in the best interest of her career,” she complains to Fox 411.

“I’m not putting people down, I’m just saying I wish things would have gone differently in the last 6 months in her career and as far as the decision making,” continues Krista. “I feel as the manager, I should have been respected and listened to.” I just want to ask the obvious: what career? Because, to my knowledge, Courtney’s career largely consists of posting raunchy boob pics on instagram

Don’t worry though – Krista isn’t out of the biz completely! She’s looking for other clients to manage, as she also builds her Christian website. *cough, cough – suppressed laughter*

“I will also be on the lookout for people that I would like to manage to help them reach their goals in the entertainment industry,” Krista informs Us Weekly in a statement about her resignation. “I plan to use my time now to help my husband, Reggie, with his Christian website called, which is a ministry to uplift and inspire others to follow their dreams through faith.”

Well, best of luck Krista – may all of those with “dreams through faith” follow in your footsteps. 

In response to her mother’s very public quitting, Courtney put out a statement of her own complaining that Krista is a famewhore! Ya’think?!

“I feel like my Mom, in her recent statements to the press, is attempting to throw me under the bus… it hurts,” Courtney wrote on twitter, including a handwritten note about her mom’s departure. 

Courtney Stodden Reacts To Mom Quitting

“My mom’s desire to be famous interfered with her ability to manage me effectively. She craved the limelight so much, she felt that I, her daughter, was standing in her way. I was forced to have her resign. I do wish her the best. She’s my mother & I’ll always love her,” reads Courtney’s note. [Credit: Twitter]

Hmmm… this is seeming mighty PR-stunt-y to me. Like, perhaps they’ll be using this to segue into some sort of reality show about the fallout of Courtney’s sex tape, rebuilding their relationship, finding Jesus, Krista learning to trust Doug again…. Am I the only one thinking this?


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