Taylor Armstrong Back On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills And Accusing Yolanda Foster Of Lying About Lyme Disease?

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No one ever said Taylor Armstrong wasn’t desperate. Bravo has sadly, possibly, swapped out one trashy woman who will do anything for fame with another as news leaks that Taylor may return to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills! And return with a with a vengeance, that is! 

Taylor, who was recently living in Colorado with her new husband John Bluher, has moved back to Cali for the sixth season. While it’s uncertain if Taylor will be back as a full-time Housewife or a friend, she’s fighting tooth and nail for camera time. 

Recently the cast filmed Ken Todd’s birthday party, but the luxurious event soon turned to disaster when Taylor arrived bearing animosity as a gift. Sources reveal that much to Lisa Vanderpumps chagrin Taylor caused major friction by “openly questioning how sick Yolanda Foster is. Yolanda, who has a reduced role this season as she continues to battle Lyme Disease, is often given a pass from filming, and that’s not acceptable to Taylor!


Taylor said she was having major doubts about how serious the Lyme disease was for Yolanda, who wasn’t at the party,” reports an insider who was present. This is raising major eyebrows (despite the effects of botox) among the other cast members. Is Taylor really qualified to accuse anyone else of lying????????????? 

Radar Online reveals that Lisa Rinna is disgusted by Taylor’s comments because Yolanda has been nothing but sweet to everyone – even while ill. “Lisa Rinna was openly seething with anger because Taylor doesn’t even know Yolanda, and shouldn’t have even gone there!” states the source. “It quickly became obvious to Lisa that Taylor is being brought back this season to stir the pot.”

Taylor reportedly hoped to have a friendship with Lipsa, based on the shared notoriety of their lips, but Lisa is having none of that! “She thinks she is just a huge opportunist,” said the source. And Lisa has “vowed to stay away from Taylor.”

Taylor has tried reaching out to Lipsa on twitter, only to be snubbed. “@lisarinna I just saw Lip Sync Battle @SpikeLSB #LipSyncBattle hmmmm…why haven’t they invited us to face (I mean lip) sync it off? #RHoBH,” Taylor tweeted. Lipsa did not deign to reply. Instead she wrote, “My mom always said if you can’t say something nice about someone don’t say anything at all. #fail” 

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Well, well… is Taylor back to defend her title as the craziest girl in the BH? 


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