Is Taylor Armstrong Returning To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills As A Housewife!?

Taylor Armstrong purple dress

So, Loony Lips back? Like as in like a Housewife back?! Since being fired from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills because of her dark and twisted storyline that involved her husband Russell Armstrong‘s suicide and her own very public nervous breakdown, Taylor Armstrong has gotten remarried and started a whole new life… in Colorado. Now sources are saying she may return to the show that made her lips a household name. 

Taylor exited the show amid allegations that she fabricated stories of husband Russell’s abuse, such allegations that possibly led to his suicide. With Russell’s death emerged stories of the couple’s grifter past, including financial schemes and lawsuits, then Taylor began a well-publicized affair with John Bluher, who she has since married.


With all the convoluted stories, as well as Taylor’s increasingly unhinged behavior (remember when she tried to throw herself over the balcony of a beach house and Linda Thompson had to intervene?!), Bravo ultimately decided viewers simply weren’t interested in that type of drama from their Beverly Hills ladies – especially when there were so many diamonds and so much rosé! Taylor and John moved on to Couples Therapy and then increasingly slid down the reality TV ladder of obscurity. Taylor has even been in talks to film her own reality show with John. 

Of course, then Bravo hired (and thankfully fired) Brandi Glanville and all that love, light, class and money evaporated faster than wine thrown on a designer leather jacket! But now, with Bravo recasting the show and trying to class it up, they want Taylor back!? Taylor has remained acquaintances with several co-stars from her RHOBH days, most notably Kyle Richards.

Taylor has made appearances on RHOBH since her departure, but now sources claim she is not only back but will return as a full-time Housewife to fill one of the vacancies left by Brandi and Kim Richards

Taylor is back,” a production insider tells Real Mr. Housewife. “She will return as a full time cast member!” RHOBH has started filming season 6, returning are Kyle, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna, and Eileen Davidson. Due to health issues Yolanda Foster will likely occupy friend status. That means at least 2 full-time vacancies on the show, which is casting and reportedly hoping to snag Hollywood-connected women and women with legit big money and a fabulous lifestyle, who are just a tad crazy, but mostly dishy-fun drama. 

Does Taylor fill those specifications? Not really, but viewers have remained interested in her drama and she continues to be a lightening rod for controversy. The production source insists that’s exactly the draw – it’s a new Taylor! 

“It makes sense for her to return at this point in time. She is still good friends with Kyle and is in a great place in her life,” the insider explained. “Fans will definitely see a new Taylor.”

The source claimed that it was necessary for Taylor to take a leave of absence, but now everything is right and tight and in the flush! “When she was last on Housewives, it was a hard time for her. She is the happiest she’s ever been and this will be a great return for her.” So does that mean more $100,000 kids birthday parties are in store for us? Well, I’ve seen worse things on this show… 

Interestingly, for the show that is currently filming there have been no casting leaks about potential new ladies although Kyle has hinted we’re in for a big surprise. Perhaps Bravo is seriously tightening up inner circle, or perhaps the network really has;t made any absolute decisions.  Bravo has been on a kick of returning ex-Housewives to the fold, however with the exception of Bethenny Frankel they’ve occupied ‘extra’ status. 

My thoughts: I could see Taylor returning as a ‘Friend’ – as in more than an occasional party guest, but not quite a Housewife. A) she doesn’t even live in Beverly Hills, she and John live in Colo. B) Is there really enough draw to her “new life” to create a full-storyline around it? And will viewers really ever forgive Taylor of her past and permit her to escape it?

I do think Taylor, as a ‘Friend’ would be fun, but a full-time Housewife… not so much! You can take the girl out of the crazy, but you can’t take the crazy out of the girl. 


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