Cops Called To Joe Giudice’s Jersey Shore House After A Heated Argument With Family!

Joe Giudice filming spinoff with daughters

Gee – I wonder if Joe Giudice‘s latest run-in with the law will be featured on the Giudice family spinoff?!

This weekend Joe’s Jersey Shore neighbor called the police on him after the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star was reportedly heard screaming at his eldest daughter Gia. Of course other sources claim that although Joe was screaming at a family member it certainly wasn’t his 14-year-old daughter! 


According to one source Gia was locked outside the house “for several minutes” (who else blames Milania?! I kid) and was banging to be let in “for several minutes” when Joe finally opened the door. Then he was overheard screaming at Gia “from the backyard.”

A female neighbor, overhearing the arguing, came into the backyard to see what was going on, which resulted in a shouting match between herself and Joe. Witnesses state the neighbor was overheard screaming for other people present to “call the cops” because “this guy is crazy, he’s dangerous!” Joe was apparently having a party at the time and there were several people present.

When the cops arrived on the scene, TMZ says Joe’s daughters “begged” the officers not to arrest Joe. A source for the police says the situation was settled “peacefully” and confirms no arrests were made.

However a rep for Joe refutes the story and accuses the neighbor of embellishing the whole situation – because naturally it’s not Joe’s fault. Never! The rep insists the neighbor was simply angry because Joe was having a party and she thought it was “inappropriate for children to be around.” 

The neighbor is probably right! And if the rumors are true that Joe has been drinking heavily to cope with Teresa Giudice‘s absence and other personal problems this neighbor is probably seeing a whole lot more to the situation. 

Clearing up some of the misinformation, Officer Christopher Fritz informed People that the neighbor actually reported there being an argument “between two men” and her call to the police nothing to do with herself and Joe. “It was a keep [and] restore the peace call made over loud arguing,” the officer explains. “Once everyone was calmed down, we cleared … There was no cause for arrest.”

Furthermore a source says Gia wasn’t even home – she was at the beach with friends – and there were certainly no issues related to her being locked out of the house. “The house was open,” asserts an insider.

The insider also says that “the dispute was concerned with family” most specifically Joe’s sister-in-law Sheila. Sheila is married to Pete Giudice, aka the brother Joe impersonated when he committed driver’s license fraud.

Well, at least the arguing had nothing to do with the Gorga faction of the family, with whom the Giudices have been rekindling a relationship (likely for the sake of filming)! “He was at his beach house at the Jersey Shore with Teresa’s parents, his other three daughters, his brother, his wife, three of their kids. His brother’s wife got upset that he and his brother went out on Joe’s boat and got back late,” says the insider. “She got really mad at Joe and [brother] Pete. Joe told her to leave.”

Just for the record the Giudice’s have been trying to offload their shore house for a while and earlier reports stated it was being auctioned off after foreclosure with bids beginning at $1? Hmmm… apparently not yet!

You can see photos of the scene here


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