Report: Teresa Giudice Filming For Bravo From Prison?!

teresa giudice shore house

Prison can’t hold Teresa Giudice down! On no – she’s got to keep on filming!

It’s been widely reported that Bravo has been filming Joe Giudice and the Giudice girls as they navigate life on the outside while Tre is in the slammer. And the network has just figured out an ingenious way to incorporate Teresa into that special from behind bars!


Andy Cohen said he hasn’t heard anything about a Giudice family special that will segue into the seventh season of Real Housewives Of New Jersey (which will naturally feature Teresa) – but we never believed him, obviously. Because the family has been actively shooting scenes for a multi-episode special that features Joe playing devoted dad to his four daughters while he prepares for his own 41-month prison stint. 

Of course Teresa isn’t about to be left out any TV opportunities – or any ways to make money! Bravo wasn’t able to obtain approval to get cameras inside the federal penitentiary where Teresa is serving her 15-month sentence, so they decided to record phone calls of Teresa calling Joe and the girls from a prison payphone. If Joe puts Tre on speaker phone, Bravo is well-within grounds to use any audio recordings. 

And Teresa will be compensated well for her prison-side chats. As for how Teresa is legally able to receive compensation since prisoners technically aren’t able to receive paychecks and they aren’t allowed compensation for acts that glorify or promote the crimes they committed, TMZ she’s covered under the “Son of Sam” law.

That law “prohibits” people from profiting off certain crimes, but it only applies to certain violent offenses – not white collar financial schemes. Apparently violently assaulting the federal government with your stupidity doesn’t count. 

However, Teresa does owe a heavy restitution debt and previous reports stated 25% of her earnings would be automatically seized to satisfy those debts. Although her attorney insists that is only if Teresa doesn’t adhere to the payment arrangement she made with the feds. Since she’s currently up-to-date on her payments she’s in no danger of suffering further wage loss. But, she also has that $13 million dollar debt to deal with as well… 

Teresa returns home in December, and despite her insistence that she wants no part of RHONJ post-release, her attorney has all-but confirmed she’s signed on for the next season. Teresa is also reportedly scoring a spinoff. 

Also, here’s Joe hanging out with TerESSSSa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano (maybe Juicy is having an affair with Santa.).  Please for the love of all things holy do not let those skanky annoying twins be back on RHONJ as full-time Housewives! C’MON, Bravo. Or, I dunno… 

Joe Giudice filming with Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea?

“teresaaprea: Amazing day n nite the Giudice’s!!! W @gioaprea_10 @nicolenapolitano_rhonj @joey_mauriello28 @rinoaprea #goodfriends #gr8nite #bbq #familytime”  [Photo Credit: Instagram]

Joe Giudice gets cozy with Nicole Napolitano while Teresa is in the slammer

Getting a little too close with Nicole there, Juicy! “teresaaprea: Great nite @Angelos of Mulberry St!!,” shared Teresa. [Photo Credit: Instagram]


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