RHONY season 8 reunion

Ramona Singer is going overboard to prove Ramona Pinot is better than Skinnygirl! According to sources Ramona was totally drunk at the Real Housewives Of New York reunion after she spent the entire filming sipping on her own fine wine.

Ramona got so drunk an insider claims she passed out on the stage during taping! “The ladies broke for lunch, which was ordered into the venue and Ramona supplied her own wine,” a source shares. “By the time they had to return to the set, she was out of it.” Due to her constant pinot swilling Ramona requested two bathroom breaks, which required filming to be paused. 

Ramona drank so much of her own wine, which she brought with her to the taping, that she literally fell asleep,” dishes an eyewitness. Hopefully someone drew all over her face with eyeliner! Ramona denied taking a mid-reunion nap and claimed she was “meditating” for a few minutes. She was just resting her eyes, you guys!!!! 


A set source claims that Ramona’s drinking was fueled by Andy Cohen‘s constant questioning about her divorce. It was apparently payback from last year’s reunion when Ramona refused to discuss Mario! Andy pestered Ramona for information about catching Mario with their mistress in their Hamptons home and wouldn’t let the subject drop. After that Ramona checked out of the reunion and started drinking! 

A source tells the NY Daily News Ramona was relatively tame at the reunion and she mostly avoided the drama, as did Bethenny Frankel, who was described as being “surprisingly low-key.”

Unsurprisingly, if you follow her twitter, it was Carole Radziwill who was the most dramatic! “Carole loses her mind,” reveals the insider. “The biggest fights were between Carole and Heather, who were on one team as a unit, and Sonja and Luann [de Lesseps], who were on the other.” 

Carole was especially hostile towards Sonja in reaction her drunken namedrop in Atlantic City, where Sonja bragged about partying with John-John. “As far as she [Carole] is concerned, she owns that story, and was close with John through her husband, who passed. It is fine for her to talk about the family, but if anyone else does, she gets territorial.”

In other drama, Heather broke dress-code. All the ladies were supposed to wear metallic, but Heather, who is reportedly not returning after this season, wore a dark green dress which angered Andy and the producers. (Bethenny didn’t wear metallic either).

Kristen Taekman, who was the subject of many fights this season, is also allegedly done after this season. But her departure was mostly related to her husband Josh, not for the oft-lobbed complaint that she’s ‘boring’! Josh, reportedly, refused to let their marriage become a storyline after last season portrayed him as a complete jerk. As a result he pretty much refused to film, only making brief cameo appearances, therefore Kristen’s storyline was reduced to bickering with the other women, and had no involvement in her personal life. Josh allegedly felt his negative edit was damaging his business and that’s one reason he kept his distance. 

Sources claim Lora Drasner, whose husband owns the NY Daily News, is being considered as a possible replacement for be Heather and Kristen is likely returning as a ‘friend.’  

Insiders also insist that despite all the topics covered (and re-covered going back seasons), the reunion wasn’t too vicious, except for the arguing between Luann and Carole, which Carole took extremely personally, aiming several very low-blows towards the Countess. 

In other news, Bethenny, reveals she still trusts Ramona, even though Ramona called her a homewrecker! At a recent VIP fan event in Philadelphia, Bethenny opened up about which of her co-stars she trusts and surprisingly named Ramona despite her “diarrhea of the mouth.” Bethenny also cited Carole as the other Housewife she trusts. 

Tonight is the first of the three-part RHONY reunion. The reunion begins with the cast reacting to Bethenny’s return and examining her erratic behavior throughout the season. Bethenny gets real about how she truly felt about the women and interacting with the group

The ladies also recap the cast trip to Atlantic City and Sonja is again confronted about her partying! Luann and Carole also get into it over boyfriends and girlcode, and the nasty accusations quickly spiral out of control! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, so make sure to join us! 


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