Over the weekend Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams got into a heated argument which got physical when Cynthia reportedly kicked Porsha in the stomach! Sources say Cynthia’s violent outburst could lead to her being demoted from full-time Housewife to friend on this season’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Oops. I mean Cynthia did say there is never a good reason to put your hands (or feet) on someone else… but I guess that only applies to Porsha

Despite Peter getting busted in a cheating scandal (and getting evicted) that’s apparently not enough to salvage Cynthia’s job on RHOA! Producers and Bravo execs are taking a no tolerance stance regarding physical altercations, and that includes evaluating whether or not Cynthia gets to keep her position as Housewife. Not the dreaded ‘Friend’ title… NOOOOOOOOO!


Producers, et al are in the process of “reviewing footage of the incident and weighing their options for discipline,” according to production sources. The drama took place during a cast filming on a boat – Kim Fields and Kenya were also present.  Cynthia and Porsha erupted into a heated argument over something trivial but Porsha repeatedly called Cynthia a “bitch.” People reports that “Words were going back and forth” until “Cynthia snapped and kicked Porsha in the stomach while wearing high heels.” 

“Neither one is proud of what happened, but there will be no shortage of drama now that NeNe is gone,” adds the source. So I guess NENE isn’t the reason the whole cast couldn’t get along. No… 

Producers are seriously considering what direction they want to take next season – either classing things up by bringing on well-known and well-associated new cast members like Kim Fields – or going the opposite direction by returning people like Sheree Whitfield. Depending how they think ratings will be affected by the physical fight, Cynthia may be demoted from full-time Housewife to ‘Friend’ says TMZ

As for Porsha, she won’t suffer any consequences because there isn’t any objection to one Housewife antagonizing another – just so long as no props are used. But perhaps Bravo needs to change that stance! 

E! News shares that the entire cast is shocked by the altercation, but wants to “put it behind them,” therefore Porsha will not be pressing charges against Cynthia. Porsha was treated at the hospital as a precautionary measure, but was released shortly afterwards. 

The insider says the brawl was very brief – limited to the one kick – and Porsha left immediately afterwards. It escalated because Cynthia wanted to stop discussing something, but Porsha confronted her about hashing it out by walking over to where Cynthia was sitting in an attempt to talk. Despite the alarming situation the cast is committed to letting it go. YEAH RIGHT! More therapy?! “There’s a lot of filming left to do and they just want to move forward.”  

Take heart Cynthia, Porsha got demoted, and look – she’s back with a bang! 

Porsha is certainly moving on – at least in the business sense! Porsha announced she’s holding an open casting session to find models for her Naked lingerie line. Guess whose modeling agency she is NOT using for the casting? If you guessed The Bailey Agency, you are correct. 

porsha williams lingerie casting[Photo Credit: Instagram]

“Attention Ladies. My Lingerie Line spokesmodel audition will be held friday 6pm-9pm in Atlanta. This audition is invite only.*** If interested email 3 pics and contact # to [email protected] @thepuregroup,” Porsha announced on instagram. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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