NeNe Leakes Pressured By RHOA Producers To Turn It Up; Is “Embarrassed” By Her Behavior!

NeNe Leakes on the Meredith Vieira Show

Every season NeNe Leakes threatens to quit Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but this time it seems NeNe actually is ready to toss her peach in the trash because its rotten to the core! Complaining of producers who want drama, networks being desperate to grab ratings, and co-stars who will do anything for a TV job, NeNe says she’s embarrassed by how she has behaved in situations and felt pressured to act up! 

“I am at a point where I don’t know how much longer I can stay in this situation,” NeNe admitted. “In the beginning when it started, I was having fun. I would have to say now I am not having as much fun.”

NeNe says viewers rarely see the real her, because their lives are overshadowed by drama between the girls and co-stars willing to do anything for screen time. 


NeNe is embarrassed by the level she’s stooped to while dealing with these “thirsty” girls! NeNe embarrassed… I need to sit down… I never thought I would hear that! Of course, NeNe blames desperate co-stars for pushing her to the limit! “I feel like there are girls that come on the show because they are thirsty… and they are willing to do anything to be on television.” 

“I feel like anybody, whether you’re a good person or not, if somebody pushes you up against the wall, you do have a breaking point,” NeNe explains to Meredith Vieria. “There are times when you will say and do things that you wish you hadn’t said and done.”

It’s interesting to me that NeNe is complaining about people “acting up” it is arguably NENE and her over-the-top antics that are partially responsible for making that a part of Housewives – and for showing producers thats what people want to see! I’m not saying NeNe – or any of the Housewives – aren’t entitled to change and grow (Lord I wish they would!) but for her to act like she’s been talked into misbehaving is foolish. I DO agree that this show has lost it’s light and is no longer the fun, zany, outrageous RHOA is was in season’s past and that makes me truly sad. 

And because she’s such very big celebrity with such  very real career, NeNe can’t have RHOA shenanigans tarnishing her image! “You don’t want to be seen that way. There are times when I do go home and wish I wasn’t seen that way because I am not that person every day,” she describes. “And so I do feel bad about certain things that happen on the show.”

NeNe cites “The Change” that RHOA and reality TV in general has undergone since she joined. “Reality TV has become very nasty,” NeNe articulated. She blames the network, producers, and the girls for wanting to squeeze every drop they can from the platform. 

“I think, as of late, it has become very nasty, because the networks have to compete with one another,” continues NeNe. “There are some shows that are physically fighting, drinking — and I think they have to do that.”

NeNe admits even RHOA is reducing itself to that level and producers have encouraged her to get in the mix more and start drama. “I’m not being encouraged to drink or to fight, but I do feel the pressure of turning it up,” NeNe says. She claims the girls intentionally start fights when the cameras start rolling, but off-camera things are different. 

NeNe is ready to focus more on her acting career – acting career outside of the character she plays on RHOA, that is! “It gives me something that reality [television] would never give me. Reality is just a whole different ball game,” NeNe laughs. “It’s a bunch of nastiness. It’s a bunch of snatching wigs and weaves off and being shady. And that also takes a talent.” 

As for her boss (and friend) Andy Cohen, NeNe laughs, “He’s shady! He has a little nasty side too,” she joked. 

This is the most serious NeNe been about leaving the show for good and focusing on her acting career. NeNe isn’t the only person who feels her time on RHOA is done – Kenya Moore she hopes NeNe will quit after being slapped by a C&D order by the former Broadway star!

I have loved NeNe on RHOA – in the past (very distant past) – and it’s clear that her relationship with Andy has not suffered as she is reportedly in talks for a spinoff with Bravo, but I do agree it is time for her to leave Housewives. Her heart hasn’t been in it for a while, and she has stooped to unfathomable lows in the course of the last two seasons.

While I certainly don’t agree with the direction RHOA has taken this season, I do think it’s time for the show to switch things up and get classier, more interesting women who actually ARE from Atlanta and stay away from women who have nothing but the show in their lives, and need it for relevance and income. That’s never what Housewives was about anyway! It’s a shame Demetria McKinney was cut for Claudia Jordan because she actually fits that bill and has so far shown to be both feisty and classy – a good combination, plus this Roger Bobb nonsense is kind of amusing. 


[Photo Credit: Meredith Vieira Show]