Cynthia Bailey Is Optimistic About Real Housewives Of Atlanta Without NeNe Leakes; Claudia Jordan In Denial About Being Fired!

Claudia Jordan & Cynthia Bailey

Ch-ch-chaaanges are in the air over at Real Housewives Of Atlanta headquarters (aka Bravo). NeNe Leakes definitely quit, which led to the show undergoing some serious casting shifts to bring in new ladies that represent the fabulous ATL lifestyle. 

Despite Real Housewives of Atlanta’s uncertainty and NeNe’s departure, Cynthia Bailey is optimistic that RHOA – as well as her marriage – will survive and thrive

Former Facts Of Life star Kim Fields has been taping with the group, which includes Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, and Phaedra Parks as definites for season 8


Reacting to her former BFF leaving, Cynthia admits she wasn’t shocked. “You know, I wasn’t super surprised because I used to be very close with NeNe so I knew that at some point, she wanted to do other things and rightfully so because I think she has had a great run on the show,” explains Cynthia. “In my opinion, she will always be the original Atlanta Housewife and I wish her well.”

Cynthia says they text back and forth and “are cool” since the reunion. She even texted NeNe a blessing of support after learning she quit. 

As for the future of RHOA, it seems Cynthia is back and she doesn’t think NeNe is essential to the mix. “Well the show has never been about one person. It’s just not what makes it work,” she told E! News. “Sometimes you gotta change it up and mix it up. I look forward to a really great drama-filled season.”

Refusing to give details on new casting, Cynthia hopes for a “spit fire” of a new Housewife. “Someone who is not just gonna come in and check things out.” Yes – Cynthia needs a new leader. Kenya is old news and NeNe has moved on.

Cynthia also gives an update on her marriage to Peter Thomas – Peachter was recently caught canoodling another woman and has apparently been cheating. Cynthia doesn’t comment on the cheating allegations, but insists despite their busy schedules, they do “date nights” and “a booty call at the end of the night.” 

While Cynthia is in denial about Peachter, Claudia Jordan is in denial about RHOA. Despite it being confirmed by multiple reputable sources that she was fired, Claudia claims there’s still a possibility she’ll be back! 

“No one called and said, ‘Hey, it’s a wrap.’ It didn’t happen,” Claudia argues. “I’m okay with it being the end of the road if it is, but you never know! It’s not over til the fat lady sings, sand I haven’t heard her sing yet.” 

“Now, have I gotten my pick-up letter yet? No, I have not,” Clawdia admits to People. But she is holding onto the thread of hope by using last season as an example. Claudia didn’t get her official notice until a few weeks before the show aired – although there were extenuating circumstances due to Porsha Williams‘ last-minute demotion. Claudia doesn’t mention whether or not she’s been filming this season, but when TMZ, E! News, and People all confirm you’re fired, it’s time to accept the inevitable. 

Claudia joined RHOA as a purported friend of Kenya (although they barely knew each other) because of her friendship with former executive producer Carlos King, who wanted to bring someone in specifically to go head-to-head with NeNe


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