Real Housewives Of Orange County Preview: More Questions About Brooks Ayers Cancer!

Meghan King Edmonds investigates Brooks again

Tonight marks the 3 millionth consecutive episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County that questions whether or not Brooks Ayers is faking cancer.

Since Brooks is getting more airtime than 4 of the 5 actual Housewives I propose he get his own tagline. My suggestion: “I may be faking cancer, but I’m sure as hell not faking all the drama I cause!” 


Tonight, Vicki Gunvalson, seeking to put her own questions at ease, or just convince us all she’s not in on a cancer grift, accompanies Brooks to a doctor’s appointment. Then Brooks, in an effort to dispel rumors, voluntarily presents Tamra Judge with the results of a scan. Tamra, amazing friend, eagerly shares the confirmation with the rest of the ladies. Because she’s benevolent like that and also she wants to get back to focusing on her own screwed up family drama. 

Unfortunately Meghan King Edmonds ups the ante of trying to help crazy by calling yet ANOTHER of Brooks‘ doctors. Instead of all the Housewives collectively backing away from the crazy, the ladies questions begin anew, so they all race back to Tamra’s psychic to get their questions answered.

In other news, Tamra turns to Jesus to figure out why Ryan is so ungrateful. And Shannon Beador turns to crystals to figure out why Vicki is upset with her. And Heather Dubrow turns to TV to promote her skincare line. However, instead of veteran TV doc Terry acing the presentation, he is worse than a high school drama student trying to satisfy an elective. 

To make matters worse Meghan hosts a viewing party for Heather’s Envine launch, but amid prank phone calls, she upstages Heather’s big night by spilling her latest stalking expedition discovery about Brooks. Didn’t Gigi Hadid just sell her apartment because of stalkers?

Good lord – enough about Brooks already! Enough of Meghany Drew, girl detective, already!  

Does anyone even if Brooks is lying at this point? I just want Meghan to “Get a hobby!” in the immortal words of Bethenny Frankel. Seriously – I like my Housewives to have lives outside of obsessing over their co-workers’ creepy boyfriends. 

As always, Reality Tea will be live-tweeting. Since Brooks can’t drink on TV, I’m imbibing enough alcohol for the both of us to survive another quest for TRUTHINESS! and JUSTICE-ISH! No wonder Lizzie quit… 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]