Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson

After a long, exhausting season, Tamra Judge took to her blog to share her thoughts on the Real Housewives of Orange County season finale. In it she revealed that Vicki Gunvalson‘s appearance on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week led her to cut Vicki from her life. Once and for all.

But first, Tamra touched on the drama that unfolded at her baptism.

“I was happy Vicki showed up, but a little disappointed she wanted to run out the door and wouldn’t really socialize with anyone. As you witnessed, Meghan even tried to bring Vicki into the group conversation. All the ladies told me they had no intention of bringing up Brooks, everyone was OVER IT! It was Billy (Vicki’s brother) that brought up Brooks, then it became a topic of conversation that got ugly fast,” said Tamra. “I can’t help but think that Vicki put her brother and his girlfriend up it, so they could fight her battles. Kind of like what she did with me by showing me the CT scan.” 


Tamra called Rhonda‘s comment to Shannon Beador about David‘s affair a “low blow” and defended Shannon against Vicki‘s claims.

“All season we listened to Vicki claiming that Shannon was NOT a good friend, which none of us could understand,” said Tamra. “Shannon was the LAST one to think that Brooks was lying and never really said anything more than ‘Why didn’t he go to my doctor?’ and ‘Why didn’t they show me his scan?’. Which are normal questions… right?”

Tamra pointed out that Vicki said she was most hurt by Shannon because she was closest to Shannon. Then, Vicki turned around and said she showed Brooks‘ scan results to Tamra because – wait for it – she was closest to Tamra. “Which one is it, Vicki?” asked Tamra. “I’m starting to think Vicki just says what’s good at the moment. So many contradictions.”

Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Sneak Peek

“So let’s get one thing straight, all season long Vicki knew about David‘s affair because Shannon confirmed it to her. The rest of the ladies heard rumors BUT NO ONE KNEW FOR SURE. It wasn’t until right before my baptism that Shannon told Heather and me. I found it weird that Vicki said she told Rhonda because Shannon was telling people. That is simply not true. I didn’t tell Vicki that I knew until after the night of my baptism when she called me to talk about what happened,” confirmed Tamra, backing up the statement Shannon shared on Watch What Happens Live.

Tamra shared a sad truth, “By the time of my baptism no one cared if Brooks was lying about cancer or not. What was on everyone’s mind was, ‘If Brooks is lying then Vicki knows and our friend Vicki is lying to us.’ IT WAS NOT ABOUT BROOKS ANYMORE, IT WAS ABOUT VICKI!”

Tamra’s History with Vicki and Brooks and Lessons Learned:

“I have kept it NO secret that I did NOT like Brooks, he’s been caught in so many lies and I never trusted him. Most of her own family didn’t trust him. One thing that I have is good intuition and I can read someone like a book, just ask my husband and Heather. I have also learned that you can’t force someone to see what you see, it will happen in due time. The more you try to expose someone for their lies the more you look bad – take note, Meghan. So I told Vicki I would accept the fact that they were together and if she was happy, I was happy for her. I gave up the fight.”

“What really upsets me is that Vicki made it her job the past three years to try to make ME out to be the bad guy because I didn’t trust Brooks. She warned every new Housewife to watch out for me, that I was a backstabber and a bad friend. After being warned the ladies would ask me why I didn’t like Brooks and I would simply say ‘I think there is someone better for her’, I am NOT a backstabber and I always look out for my friends. In the past if I knew you were lying or a fake I would expose you like a bad pair of shoes. I have learned the truth always comes out and it’s not my job to prove it.”

Tamra said Vicki is the backstabbing bad friend – not her – and promised we’ll get answers from the reunion. She went on to reveal that she has since cut Vicki out of her life. “All year I was there to support Vicki, even though I thought in the back of mind something didn’t add up,” she said. “I constantly called and texted checking up on her, even following the filming of the reunion a few weeks ago. But after everything that’s happened and hearing her say on WWHL that ‘none of us were there for her‘ for the second time, I have decided to cut Vicki from my life.”

“I just can’t do this anymore,” admitted Tamra. “It’s emotionally exhausting and I don’t trust her. All I wanted was to be there for her and everyone in my life warned me (even my husband) that Vicki is out for one person and one person only and that is VICKI GUNVALSON! I wish her a blessed life, I just don’t choose to be in her life right now.”

Dare I say… this is the most I have ever liked (and agreed with) Tamra Judge. Wow. I think she made a lot of good points.


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