Vicki Gunvalson on WWHL

We got a double dose of Vicki Gunvalson tonight – first on the season finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County, then on Watch What Happens Live. Vicki was joined by Saturday Night Live star Cecily Strong.

Andy tells Vicki that Shannon Beador is still fired up over Rhonda. Shannon texted to Andy, “I understand the affair was eventually going to be featured on the show, but at the time of the baptism, Vicki thought she was the only one who knew about the devastating and heartbreaking thing that had happened to me. She didn’t know I told Tamra [Judge] and Heather [Dubrow].”

Vicki insists, “That’s not true. Tamra told me she told her.”


Why did Vicki tell Billy and Rhonda about the affair? “We were together in my kitchen that morning, my brother, Rhonda, and myself, and Billy was like, ‘What did you film this year?’ I said, ‘Well, Shannon and David revealed the affair, and they’re working through it and going through marriage counseling.’ I didn’t think it was telling a big secret,” says Vicki. “She already had filmed this whole season about it. Telling my brother, who already knew David and Shannon, was not a big deal.”

Game – Who’s in the wrong Cecily Strong?

Brooks vs. Meghan – “Meghan. No matter what, that’s too much.”

Briana vs. Brooks – “She’s entitled to her feelings.”

Vicki vs. Meghan – “It’s always going to be Meghan in the wrong because every time she came close to being in the right she ruined it somehow.”

Vicki vs. Tamra – “Tamra. No matter what, that’s too much.”

Andy asks Vicki why she and Brooks broke up. Vicki says “a lot of things,” but she mentions conflict between Briana, Brooks, and Vicki, his desire to return to the South, and the stress of the show, specifically. “At the end of the day, it just didn’t work anymore,” she shares. “Long term, we were not going to work. Short term, it was amazing.”

Have any of Vicki‘s co-stars reached out to her since the breakup? Vicki says no, adding, “They still have their mother and they still have their partner. I’ve had two huge losses this year and they were not there for me. That makes me realize that we’re just TV friends.”

A caller asks Vicki if she regrets how she treated Gretchen Rossi in the past given how this season have played out. “Of course,” claims Vicki. “There are things that Gretchen did to me that I’m sure she regrets too. We were filming a show; our emotions were high. I regret anytime I’m mean to any of the ladies. I’m not that person by nature. I’m really a sweet gal, but press the wrong button, you’re going to see psycho Vicki come out.”

Gretchen, who wouldn’t dare miss an opportunity to get attention, tweeted @ Andy during the show, “I think Vicki should not listen to who the world wants her to love, but listen to her own heart. She is a smart woman and knows if he is a good man or not. Trust me, I know more than anyone how she feels.”

Does Vicki blame Tamra for “cancer gate” since her psychic started it? “I think the whole thing is pretty disgusting whether he does have cancer or doesn’t have cancer. You don’t ask for medical records from somebody. That is private information.”

Vicki adds, “But, yes, it did start with Tamra. I don’t know why or how she got Scott the psychic involved in this, but it started there and it just perpetuated into a whole season of, ‘does he have cancer?’. I don’t understand it all. I just think it’s odd and awkward.”

A caller asks Vicki why she was so short with Briana this season. “Briana doesn’t like Brooks – we all know that,” states Vicki. “I had asked Briana ahead of time, ‘how about if we just don’t talk about him on camera?’ I was tired of viewers talking about it. I was just over it. If you don’t like somebody, how many times do you have to hear about it? I personally didn’t like that Tamra and Briana went to lunch without me. I was going to go that day; I was told I couldn’t. I just think the whole thing is pretty nasty.”

Poll – Will the Vicki/Brooks break up last this time?

Yes – 55%
No – 45%

Vicki weighs in, “He moved to Florida. He’s back in the South, where he’s from, so unless God’s got a different plan for my life, we’re broken up for good.”

Save for the reunion, I’m so glad this season of Real Housewives of Orange County is OVER. Fingers crossed Brooks stays in Florida and Meghan stays in, um, I don’t care as long as it’s not on my TV.


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