The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 10

Shannon Beador lashed out on Facebook last night after Vicki Gunvalson‘s appearance on Watch What Happens Live, warning viewers, “I’m so freaking livid right now I want to start swearing.” Shannon was most upset about Vicki calling her a liar and a TV friend, but she also called out Andy Cohen, who did not put Vicki on the spot and ask her any tough questions.

About the statement Shannon asked Andy to share on WWHL, the emotional Real Housewives of Orange County star said, “I texted a comment to Andy. On the day of the baptism, Vicki didn’t know that I had told Heather and Tamra [about the affair]. She found out after the baptism. The day after the baptism, she called Tamra and said, ‘I was the only one who knew about the infidelity.’ Tamra said, ‘Actually, no. Shannon told us on the last day of filming, before the baptism.’ She can eff off. She’s a freaking liar. She can look right in the camera, and clearly after ten years, thinks that she can say whatever she wants.”


Shannon shared that Andy never finished reading her statement, “I’m really disappointed that I wrote a statement and Vicki cut Andy off. The last part was, ‘Tamra can confirm all of this.'”

About the fact that Vicki wasn’t asked any tough questions, Shannon yelled, “HELLO, did you not just see the finale?! She clearly got caught in a lie that Terry came over and gave an IV, she’s confronted about the PET scan because they don’t do PET scans, and she told my secret, which she said in Tahiti, ‘I will never ever betray you, Shannon.’ She did. And no one freaking asked one of those questions? Oh my God, I am so done with her. It’s on. It’s on, my friend – my ex-friend. It’s on.”

Shannon is right. Vicki was coddled on Watch What Happens Live. When every single caller gushed over how much they loved and admired the OG of the OC, it became beyond obvious that one had to be a Vicki fan to get on the air. “She must’ve had an agreement that she wouldn’t take any bad questions,” added Shannon. “It’s ridiculous. She’s a nightmare. She’s delusional.”

Teasing what’s yet to come on the reunion, Shannon shared, “I think after ten years she thinks she can say whatever she wants into the camera and everybody’s gonna believe it. You just watch. You tune into the reunion, because so much stuff comes out, and it’s off the chain. But, we will see if they include that, because maybe they will cut it all out. All I know is, I was there for a 19-hour day and they better show what really happens.”

Shannon read the comments made to her on Facebook as she ranted away. When someone told her to calm down, she said, “Don’t say calm down. David‘s not even coming in here, he’s so pissed. You don’t understand. Someone calls me a liar, when all I’ve done this season is say nothing but the truth, you’d be livid too. When someone else lies, that discredits my credibility on the show. That shows that I am not an honest person, and I am. I’ve had it. I’ve absolutely had it that she could call me a liar on Watch What Happens Live tonight.”

Circling back to the reunion, Shannon promised, “It’s pretty freaking clear after the reunion what’s going on. The question at this point to me is not, ‘Does Brooks have cancer or not?’ The question is, ‘When did Vicki know he doesn’t have cancer?’ That’s the big question, because Brooks isn’t a housewife, but Vicki is. Andy did interview Brooks and we’ll be seeing clips of that throughout the entire reunion. You will all see the truth. Well, hopefully you guys all will see it, because to me it’s clear as a bell.”


Photo Credit: Vivian Zink/Bravo

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