Vicki Gunvalson Vs. Tamra Judge

Apparently every single person on Real Housewives Of Orange County may or may not have lied (or embellished) a cancerous claim.  Now Tamra Judge says Vicki Gunvalson alleged to have a brain tumor – something Vicki denies. Seriously, with all the atrocious behaviors of these girls – and their significant others – the best they got is accusing each other of faking cancer?! 

Last week, in response to the season finale, Vicki speculated about why we never heard anything else about Tamra’s bout with cervical cancer. (I still find that supremely odd, gotta say!). Responding to Vicki’s accusation, Tamra tweeted, “Shes just deflecting. I never made my health a story line. Kinda like her brain tumor she claims to have.” 

Vicki immediately tweeted to explain she actually suffered from a condition called Cholesteatomas. “I never said I had a brain tumor. I had 8 surgeries for cholesteatoma’s that ate thru my scull and ended up in the base of brain.” Vicki did share her story on Real Housewives Of Orange County way back in season 4 or 5. 


In a series of tweets aimed at Tamra, Vicki clarified, “I have a condition called Cholesteatomas which was diagnosed at age 5. It went into my brain in ’97 through a hole in my skull which initially started in my mastoid cavity. I have had 8 surgeries, hearing loss, imbalance issues, and permanent facial numbness. One of the surgeries almost killed me. It is not a joking matter.” 

Vicki first opened up about her painful history back in 2009, giving her health as a major reason Briana went into nursing. “She grew up with me having ear, neck and brain surgeries, and I think being around hospitals she began looking up to the nurses who would take care of me,” wrote Vicki in a prehistoric Bravo blog.

Adding more information about her condition, Vicki described the Cholesteatomas as an “inner ear tumor” – note: she doesn’t say ‘cancer’ and not all tumors are cancerous – which initially caused her to lose 50% of her hearing.

“During the next 19 years of my life, the tumor kept reoccurring. I had a total of six surgeries by the time I was 25, which caused me to lose all of my hearing in my right ear. When I was 32 and newly married to Donn, the tumor had grown back so much that it had wrapped around my facial nerve, pierced a hole in my skull and started seeping up towards the right side of my brain,” Vicki recounts. “I underwent 10 hours of surgery and my doctor did not know if I was going to have movement of my mouth or face due to the severity of the tumor and the facial nerve damage that could have been there. I recovered 100% with no facial nerve damage, however my hearing was still gone.”

Vicki reveals that in 2006 she had a final reconstructive inner ear surgery, which restored her hearing to 80%. Meanwhile ours has been permanently damaged by her shrieking WOO HOOs! 

After all of that, Vicki went on to have elective facial surgeries to rid herself of a Miss Piggy nose?! Seems a bit risky, given what she’s been through, and also, perhaps, why her face took so long to heal

But seriously – can we stop probing into everyone’s health?! Should Vicki release her medical records? What about Heather Dubrow – she claims she had four children, should I just believe her?! Do I need to ask for a receipt next time Tamra says she has her period – I want proof she bought tampons, dammit! Can I have a scan verifying that Meghan King Edmonds is actually a person, not a humanoid robot? Is Shannon Beador really doing colonics; I need need video footage to confirm this. Oh wait…. NO! No, no – I’ve seen enough of that! See what I mean about this whole Health Care Detectives game going too far? And, for the love of Tamra’s new friend Jesus, let’s not start sharing “Sick-Selfies”

The lesson to be learned in all of this: Brooks Ayers brings out the worst in people. Let’s just ALL move on (FOREVER). Also, playing twitter oncologist is gross. 


[Photo Credits: Paul Drinkwater/Bravo]

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