Vicki Gunvalson on WWHL in October 2015

It appears that Vicki Gunvalson is doing some serious backtracking, or possibly righting some serious wrongs depending on how you look at it, because she’s doing a little fact checking of her own! Satan may love confusion, but Google sure doesn’t! 

Addressing the season finale – and really the entire season – of Real Housewives Of Orange County in her blog, Vicki is left with “mixed emotions” and confusion. “I don’t know how or why the season ended the way it did, but all I want to share with you at this time is my perspective and what I went through this year AFTER the death of my mother.” 

Since Vicki and Tamra Judge are never-ever-getting back together Vicki decided to air some of her frienemesis’s dirty laundry. I mean it’s only karma after the season Vicki has endured…   

After being constantly questioned about whether or not Brooks Ayers is lying about cancer (and whether or not Vicki was complicit in this lie), the OG of OC decided to finally explain why she was so evasive and defensive.  She also ‘clears up’ (eye roll) that mysterious IV story that started circulating around the season finale. But most interestingly, Vicki also questions some other Real Housewives claims of “cancer”. Ahem… Tamra!


Yes — do you remember the time Tamra told Dr. Oz she found lumps in her breasts and had cervical cancer removed? Well, Vicki sure does and she’s reminding Tamra of just that. Back in 2012 Tamra told Dr. Oz, “I go to the doctor and I have lumps in my breasts and I had cervical cancer that had to be removed.” Tamra even considered a hysterectomy (then she had a hysterical pregnancy that spawned Astro…). 

So IF Tamra had cancer – wouldn’t that qualify her, out of all the ladies, to decipher Brooks’s PET-CT scan????? The ladies were basically accusing Tamra of being too stupid to read medical documents, you might think that’s the moment she pipes up to remind them she had cancer that one time! Odd, right? 

But first, Vicki on why she was so silent and defensive about Brooks and his little claim called cancer. “I do not believe he faked cancer,” states Vicki. “There are way too many people involved, way too many doctor visits and way too many doctor reports which would be very difficult to falsify.”

“As I said at the reunion, I didn’t have enough information that he does have cancer, and I didn’t have enough information that he doesn’t,” Vicki adds. 

 Vicki then recounts all the ways Brooks iced her out of his health care happenings, which she admits made her look sketchy to the other women: 

  • “Due to my busy schedule of filming, running my insurance business, and going to OKC to see my daughter a lot, I wasn’t around for many of his doctor visits. Brooks understood my schedule and had many people around him who were there for him when I couldn’t be. ” 
  • “One of the things that I agreed with him was to not discuss it without him present, which brought on more controversy.”
  • “I know Shannon had Brooks‘ best interest in mind when she referred her doctor, but in the end it was Brooks’ decision to stay where he was with his current team of physicians not mine. I removed myself from his health decisions, as it was starting to cause too much conflict.”
  • Brooks became very private with his health information the last few months of our relationship, which made it difficult for me to discuss this with him.” 

“The hardest part of all of this is that I know the ladies initially were coming from a good place, but unfortunately my emotions were heightened due to many personal reasons and I couldn’t see that,” acknowledges Vicki. “Hindsight, I didn’t handle things always in the calmest manner which I am sorry for that, but I was extremely frustrated having to always be questioned about him.”

Now, onto the IV story of whether or not Terry Dubrow played midnight savior to Brooks in his time of post-chemo need. This still makes no sense to me, but here’s the latest story from Vicki’s revolving door of Brooks’ defenses. 

Vicki dismisses it all as a miscommunication, of sorts, which inadvertently placed Heather and Terry in the middle. (It will be discussed at the reunion). 

“After Brooks‘ first treatment in October, he was extremely sick and dehydrated. I talked with one of my friends who said he should get an IV with fluids to hydrate him and she had a doctor friend that she was going to call for me,” describes Vicki. “I told her not to do that, as I was going to call Briana to get her opinion if she thought Terry Dubrow would know of someone that could come to the house. I told Briana when I hung up with her and I was going to call Terry to ask him. When I asked Brooks if it was okay to call Terry, he said ‘no and that he would call his own doctor in the morning’. I failed to tell Briana that I didn’t call Terry and she assumed I did.”

Vicki explains Briana then told Tamra the story during their lunch, which Tamra then repeated to Heather and Terry, and the story fell victim to a ‘game of telephone’ type scenario. Vicki doesn’t address how Shannon came to hear the same story Briana did…

“This was not Briana’s fault or Tamra’s fault and I take full responsibility for this,” writes Vicki. “I learned a big lesson here, it’s really to clarify everything I say, especially if it’s not followed through, as you never know when it comes back to you. My apologies on all of this and should have never gotten Terry/Heather involved.” 

With all of the swirling accusations, Vicki is still wondering WHY Brooks’ health was questioned. I mean besides the obvious fact that he’s a lying grifter, right? Then Vicki points out that when Tamra made her cancer claim, no one was demanding proof or calling her doctors! Meghan… Meghan… are you on this latest cancer crusaders case? 

Directing us to Tamra’s Dr. Oz interview, Vicki points out, “It was the first time any of us had heard she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and we were all in shock that she had never talked about it prior to that.”

“No one at that time ever asked her for her medical records, and since then we haven’t heard anything about it after that does that mean she was faking it for attention?? I mean if you are diagnosed with cervical cancer isn’t that pretty serious?” wonders Vicki. “So…should we ask Tamra for her medical records to see if in fact she really had cervical cancer and lumps in her breasts? No! That would not be normal behavior and we trust that Tamra told us the truth. Just interesting we haven’t heard anything about it since then.” 

I find that interesting too! Tamra never mentioned her own cancer history – even though Meghan’s storyline encompassed getting tested for the BRCA gene and Tamra is a survivor of cervical cancer (and had lumps removed from her breasts). Heather was well-aware of Tamra’s cancer, yet she never mentioned it either. Since cancer was essentially the main storyline this season, it’s extremely bizarre Tamra never mentioned her own cancer! Tamra could have been Meghan’s “cancer alley”. 

Moving away from cancer and onto the lighthearted topic of cheating spouses and deceitful friends, Vicki maintains she was a loyal friend to Shannon. Unlike Tamra

Vicki believes Shannon’s reaction was actually projection – not the other way around. “I never betrayed her, she was just embarrassed that it was exposed again when it was supposed to be about badgering me.” 

“I knew what David and Shannon shared this season, and it was Shannon’s decision to reveal the affair so I didn’t think it was a secret to tell my brother. All the ladies already knew, so for me to tell my brother privately was NOT betraying her,” insists Vicki.

Of her decision to tell Billy and Ronda, Vicki insists she was “not being malicious by any means and as “their biggest supporter” was “proud” that Shannon and David had overcome.

“I did not prompt Ronda to say that, but I’m sure she felt compelled to because it is so ridiculous to ask someone for their private health records and Ronda was just defending me,” says Vicki adamantly. 

However, here’s where it gets tricky. Both Tamra and Shannon insist Vicki had no idea Shannon told the other women about David’s affair until after the baptism. Yet, Vicki claims Tamra filled her in before the baptism. 

Now Vicki gives a new story, because on Real Housewives Of Orange County (more-so than any other franchise), there are more layers to a lie than there are to an orange. According to Vicki, last year Tamra told ALL the women about David cheating! And everyone knew they all knew – including Shannon!  (This is one instance where I totally believe Vicki).

“What you don’t know is that last year Tamra actually told the group about David’s affair at a dinner we were all at, and even disclosed the woman’s name and information about her,” recounts Vicki. “Bottom line here is Shannon knew that Heather, Tamra, and Lizzie all knew and by me telling my brother privately in my home was not any secret.”

Therefore, by that logic, Vicki does not feel she betrayed Shannon’s trust. 

“I stood by my word with her and kept this secret she told me last year, as I promised Shannon I would,” defends Vicki. “I never told any of the ladies or discussed the affair the entire time we filmed this season because I didn’t want to hurt Shannon and wanted her to trust me with this very serious information.” 

As the season ends with the ladies of Real Housewives Of Orange County all turning against Vicki, she describes her feelings as mostly “sadness and betrayal.” It has been a take down the OG kind of a season with Meghan more than willing to do Tamra’s bidding and Shannon hopped up on acrid insecurity therefore doing anything to take the heat off herself. 

I’m sure we’ll be hearing Tamra’s rebuttal to Vicki’s accusations very soon! So, is Tamra going to release her medical records? Oh, let’s hope because run-on sentence cancer charts are super fun to decipher and I’ve been working hard to get my GooglePlus medical degree! 

And seriously: is there anyone on Real Housewives Of Orange County who isn’t dubious when it comes to cancer? Maybe Heather, but she has leeches, so… 


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