Kim Richards Receives No Jail Time For Shoplifting From Target!

Kim Richards

Kim Richards’ year of living Lindsay Lohan continues as she manages to, yet again, avoid jail time!  

In August the former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star was arrested for shoplifting over $600 dollars worth of goods from TargetKim pled no contest to one count of petty theft and was able to scrape by with a sentence of 36 months probation, 300 hours of community service, and is required to attend 52 AA meetings (at least one a week). Kim is also permanently banned returning from the scene of the crime.


Kim has spent this year on a low-level crime spree. In April she was arrested for drunkenly resisting arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Despite missing her court date over an injured foot, Kim was only sentenced to probation, community LABOR and mandatory AA meetings. She also can never ever ever get back together with the Beverly Hills Hotel, even though she tearfully told Dr. Phil she practically grew up there in the corner booth. How charming. 

Despite her easy sentences, Kim is reportedly pissed she has to do community service – and, again, she is trying to get out of it. E! News says that Kim is trying to convince the judge to renege on the requirement by submitting X-Rays of her injured foot. Perhaps Kim could complete her community service from the sofa by posting photos of endangered turtles on instagram? Kim’s previous request to get out of community labor was denied

This has been quite the year for ol Rambles Richards – she lost custody of Kingsley, which naturally was ALL Kyle’s fault! And all Kim’s praying to trash cans was for naught when her Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills co-stars held her accountable for her actions. Kim was also evicted, in between a slew of rehab stints and a drunken outburst during her daughter’s wedding. In the midst of all that Kim was also fired

But now things seem to be looking up for the troubled former child star. Kim is back on the mend with Kyle and gushed about being sober and loving it – again – but this time a source says Kim is trying. 

“At the moment, Kim seems to be doing OK. She goes to AA,” explains the insider. “She’s trying to get some projects off the ground. There are three or four in the works.”

The source also insists Kim was “never homeless” but had to move because the owners of her rental decided to sell. Sounds familiar. Apparently Kim was just keeping a lot of things in her SUV, but never living out of it! “She stayed at Kathy [Hilton’s] for a bit and she was also in a hotel,” insists the insider. “No one would ever let her be homeless.”

Kim just rented a condo which she plans to move into “in December.” 


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