Kim Richards desperate to return to RHOBH

Kim Richards is allegedly pretty dang broke, so what’s she doing working for free!? Oh, just trying to work her way back into her job on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills that’s all… 

Reportedly Kim was not paid for the guest appearances she filmed for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills this season!  According to sources, the only way producers would allow Kim to return was if she agreed to get paid in Monopoly Money. “Kim wasn’t paid a dime to return to RHOBH,” claims an insider. 


So what is Kim’s motive? “She was desperate to get back on TV to restore her reputation.” If Kim thinks Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is the way to go about restoring her reputation she’s been drunker than I thought through the seasons she hasn’t been paying very close attention. 

Like all things Kim, her opinion about Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills has been scattered. A few years ago she cried to Andy Cohen about how reality TV saved her life by giving her My Sobriety back. 

Kim’s rambling tune changed shortly after her arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She complained to Dr. Phil that Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is hard and it’s not fair being judged. She blamed watching the reunion (and reading twitter) for leading her to get drunk and then resist arrest that fateful evening. She’s also blamed the show and Kyle Richards for her beloved Kingsley being taken from her, then Kim accused Kyle of selling her out for fame by airing their issues on the show and not defending My Sobriety, which Kim scrupulously maintained for 3 years. Kim and Kyle ended up not speaking for months. 

Kim got her wish when she was fired for being an impossible to work with liability after producers got fed up with enabling her behavior and dealing with her drug and alcohol use

However, after one of her many recent stints in rehab (can’t recall which one!), Kim denied being fired and openly begged for her job back by proclaiming how much she loved being on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. 

An insider tells Life & Style Kim will do anything to remain on the show and convince producers to give her another chance – even film for free.

Interesting – considering the legal fees and fines Kim owes for her two arrests (for which she skated by with no jail time), along with the rumors that she can barely afford her one-bedroom West LA condo, is it wise to be giving away the milk for free?

To convince producers that this time she’s like reallyreallyreallyreally changed, Kim has been attending AA meetings and seeing a shrink (no, not Dr. Phil). Friends and family believe Kim is far too vulnerable to return to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and needs to continue focusing on herself for now. 

I don’t think there’s any danger of Kim returning full-time. I definitely don’t think producers or Andy Cohen (or the other women) are interested. Filming a few cameos is one thing, but a full-time Housewife I think Kim not?

UPDATED: Kathy Hilton Tweeted tonight (11/18/15), calling bullshit on this report of Kim working for free.  She Tweeted, “Why would my sister @KimRichards11 work for free? I know we have a couple of snakes in the woodpile, yet this is beyond!”  And then in another follow up Tweet, we’re somehow getting the blame for this one instead of the original source of the “exclusive” story.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]