Heather Dubrow Talks Brooks Ayers, City Of Hope, And Club Detox; Paul Nasiff And Terry Dubrow Dish On Botched By Nature

Heather Dubrow's World

Heather Dubrow now has three episodes of her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, under her belt, and I have to admit, I have enjoyed each one of them. She’s a natural. This week, Heather chats with Paul Nasiff and Terry Dubrow, who ironically were not as easy to book as we would expect, about Botched.

But first, because the Real Housewives of Orange County world is all about Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson these days, Heather shares her thoughts on the latest news, that Brooks was never treated for cancer at City of Hope. “I don’t think it was a shock,” she says, “but the fact that City of Hope released an official statement is incredibly mind blowing.”

About Brooks‘ subsequent statement, Heather adds, “This is what is so crazy about it, he doesn’t admit to faking cancer, he admits to fabricating documents. So, the way he worded his statement was basically saying, ‘I didn’t intend to show my own medical records, so for the story and television purposes, I made up documents. I doctored these documents, to show on the show, because I did not want to show my own medical records.’ Which makes no sense to me at all.”


Heather continues, “It’s not embarrassing to have cancer. It’s embarrassing to have gonorrhea, that you might want to hide, but cancer is a struggle hundreds of thousands of people are going through. There’s nothing embarrassing about that. Why wouldn’t you show your medical records? It’s because, you know, you are lying.”

Tamra said years ago that Brooks was a con man. I didn’t believe her; clearly, she’s right. I just can’t understand the chutzpah of someone, meaning Brooks, to not only show fake documents on the show, but he also went on E! News and handed them doctored documents. I mean, he gave them what he said was his financial receipts from City of Hope. And now that we know Brooks was never treated there, it’s like, what were they from, the gift shop?” jokes Heather. “Did he buy $30,000 of stuffed animals?”

Heather’s assistant, Natalie Puche, adds, “Obviously, Vicki had to have known something, right?” Heather brings up the inconsistent stories, from the IV in the middle of the night to the tabbed color-coded medical info binder, and says there should be no question whether someone you live with has cancer, which generally warrants prescription medication, a PIC line or port, and so on, or not.

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Heather admits she texted with Vicki recently. “She feels victimized. She feels all she did wrong was love a man, and she fell victim,” she says. “I have to assume, personally, that she didn’t know in the beginning. He’s a con man. He obviously lied to her and she was in love with him, but at some point she knew.”

Circling back to Lies by Vicki, Heather adds, “What is really disturbing is that the lie that Vicki admitted herself, the lie she told about Terry dispatching a colleague to their house to administer this IV, was back in October. It was three months before we started filming. So this lie was perpetuated before we ever started filming and then was brought onto the show. It’s very upsetting. It’s very disturbing.”

Heather also takes issue with how Club Detox was presented to the viewers, “Vicki and Brooks basically say the entire season that Brooks is curing himself using resveratrol, which is an antioxidant found in our Consult Beaute products. This Club Detox – that Vicki has her face all over – is like juicing. It was a juicing place. You can’t go out in the world and say juicing cures cancer. It is incredibly irresponsible. There are people out there that are maybe looking for alternative cures or therapies to use for their cancer. As a person in the public eye and a person with a platform, I just find it incredibly irresponsible. So I guess we’re just going to have to see how this keeps playing out.”

Moving on…

Heather says having Terry and Paul as her guests was no easy feat, sharing, “[Botched] producers said they were very busy and didn’t have the time. I basically had to pull wife rank.” Terry admits, “Can I be honest with you? Our executive producer said no until you were the third biggest podcast in the country last week. Then he said, ‘Go on. It’s good advertisement for Botched.'”

Terry shares how Botched came to be, “I was lying in bed with the flu sick with 103.4 fever … Paul called me and said, ‘I have an idea for a TV show.’ He said, ‘Let’s do revisional plastic surgery on patients who have had bad results on a national television show.’ I said, ‘That is the worst idea I have ever heard. It’s such high-risk surgery and impossible in many and most cases, and you want to put it on television.’ He said, ‘Yeah, and I think it is a great idea.’ So, he pitched it to the producers of Evolution, the Housewives producers, and voila.”

So, Terry‘s first thought was, “the worst idea ever,” but his second thought was, “let’s do a show about fixing people with congenital problems.”

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Terry continues, “We pitched both shows to the producers of Evolution, and E! wanted to do Botched, which originally had a different name. It was called Nip/F*cked. That was the original name of Botched but they picked the name Botched. Then, after Botched became so successful, we went back in and said, ‘Let’s do the show about fixing congenital deformities and accident victims, and let’s call it Botched By Nature.’ They picked up Botched By Nature.”

“These people have had congenital deformities, in other words they were born with them, or they have suffered very bad accidents. We’re going to go into their world. It’s a traveling show. We’re going to go and invade their world and figure out how it’s affected their lives, to get a really deep understanding as to whether they are fixable psychologically and emotionally and how it is going to affect their lives.”

Terry explains how he and Paul need to spend time with these people, as well as their families, to make sure they are all stable enough to handle the results, or the lack of results. “This gives us a really unique opportunity to deliver medical care and plastic surgery at a completely different level,” he adds. “This is heavy. This is going to be life changing for them and for us.”

I for one love Botched, which has already been renewed for season three, and I look forward to Botched By Nature, which starts to film next month.


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