Brooks Tells All: Brooks Ayers Insists He Has Cancer, Throws Vicki Under The Bus, Tells Meghan Edmonds To F–K Off, More

Brooks Tells All

Andy Cohen opens the Brooks Tells All interview with this disclaimer:

“A few weeks ago, I sat down with Brooks Ayers for a one-on-one conversation. Since then, the City of Hope Medical Center revealed that Brooks was never treated for cancer at their facility, contrary to his claims. Then, just yesterday, Brooks admitted that he had indeed fabricated medical records in ‘the hopes of putting doubts about my cancer to rest.’ However, he still stands by the fact that he has cancer. So, as you watch this interview, it is fair to ask is he lying about anything else?”


Brooks says his breakup with Vicki Gunvalson was a mutual decision, “After I moved in, in October, we determined that we wanted to start counseling to try and deal with the whole Briana issue. Vicki’s a great woman. We just could not make it work.” 

What is the status of your health right now? Do you have cancer? “I do,” states Brooks. “Thank you for asking.” #drink

Brooks continues, “I have been in treatment – chemotherapy PLUS a lot of holistic approaches and alternative medicines to build up my immune system – now for going on 11 months. My numbers are normalizing. The lesions in my lymphatic system have now gone. They’re gone. CT and PET scans reveal that they’re no longer there.”

Andy questions the fact that we saw a post-chemo Brooks greeting a sick and feverish Vicki with a hug when she returned home from a business trip. Andy points out, “You didn’t seem too worried about catching whatever she had,” to which Brooks says, “Well, that was a week and a half after I had my chemo, so I did hug her. That is what you do when you greet somebody after ten days. My chemo was on the front end of her trip.”

I’m curious, on what day is a chemo patient with a weakened immune system no longer fazed by a fever? What’s the magic number? Six? Eight?

Where did Brooks get the idea to take resveratrol instead of chemo? “A private physician of Jim Bellino‘s,” claims Brooks. (Great. Just what we need, yet another person – Alexis or Jim – who’ll feel the need to chime in on Brooks Tells Lies.) “Turns out that his private physician had the same exact cancer that I currently have.” (Brooks slows down to emphasize the words had and have.)

Brooks calls out Shannon Beador, Meghan Edmonds, and Tamra Judge for having the audacity to question him. “Who would ever question somebody with cancer?” he asks. “I spent a grand total of 10 minutes with those ladies specifically asking me questions about my cancer over the course of the year.”

What’s that noise, you ask? Oh that’s just the bus that’s coming for Vicki. “The main source of information came from Vicki, who sometimes leaves out critical pieces of a story that creates those questions,” says the bus driver. “Quite frankly, Vicki misspeaks quite a bit, and sometimes tells people what they want to hear or to gain sympathy for us. She misspoke quite a bit.”

(Kathy Hilton to Brooks: You drive a bus now? Me: At least he finally got a job!)

Andy asks Brooks why he didn’t bust out some medical records to put an end to the doubt. “I showed Tamra.”

Andy points out, in the medical smarts department, Tamra probably wasn’t the best choice. “Nobody would have known what [the test results] meant,” argues Brooks. Really? Nobody? #PagingDrDubrow “Tamra is a more long-tenured friend with Vicki. They have been through a lot together. We just felt like we wanted to let her see once and for all because we know how Tamra is. She can manipulate or control the conversation.”

How does Brooks feel about Meghan‘s investigative skills? “Reaching. I feel my boundaries were breached. She’s pretty obsessive. It’s bizarre to me. I would have thought she would have come at it from a sense of compassion, but she didn’t. She had her own motives. It is sad. She wanted to hurt Vicki, so she continued to poke and prod even when her own husband asked her to stop.”

Andy asks Brooks about Shannon‘s doctor. “She’s not the only one that has world-renowned doctors,” he snaps. “In fact, we were scheduled to go see her world-renowned cancer doctor, but production got the dates screwed up.” Andy counters, “You don’t need production to get you to the doctor.”

Andy: And you got two flat tires on the way?

Brooks: We did. Andy: Who’s we?

Brooks: I did. Andy: You did?

Brooks: I did. Andy: You got two flat tires?

Brooks: I did. On the right side, on the freeway.

Andy: But you never rescheduled the appointment.

“I spent countless.. I spend countless hours researching, talking to people, etc and I visited with three different physicians that had different opinions,” states Brooks. “I didn’t need to go to a fourth one just because Shannon wanted to do that. When I was re-diagnosed in October, I shared with Vicki that I wanted to deal with this as privately as possible.”

Andy points out that immediately giving an interview to Radar Online is a funny way of dealing with it privately.

After Vicki shared the information with the ladies – she sent out a blast text – and all of a sudden I get contacted because somebody wants to know about my cancer coming back,” says Brooks. “So, I had to address it, which I did.”  Andy states the obvious, “You didn’t HAVE to.” Brooks concedes, “No, I did not have to, but I validated it, and I thought we’d move on.”

Andy finds it odd that Brooks chose Radar Online to share his story with, when just a month prior, they outed the fact that Brooks cheated on Vicki with a prostitute. “It wasn’t damage control,” insists Brooks. “I don’t do that.”

Why have two ex-girlfriends accused Brooks of faking cancer? “In 2009, the first go around, I had an ex-girlfriend that I was in the midst of breaking up with,” he explains. “I had a scare with a sarcoma. I tell her on the phone, in a panic, that I think I might have nose cancer. She was angry and we broke up. I ended up not having the nose cancer, so that’s where that came from.”

Brooks adds, “Nicolette, who sold the story to 20/20, my baby mama if you will, was involved with that story as well. Two pissed off women get a platform to go on a blog to say hurtful things and that’s what transpired.”

Will this Brooks and Vicki breakup stick? “It’s for good. I’m actually relocating to Florida. I’m not running from anything. I’m running to peace and tranquility.”

Andy asks Brooks if he has anything to say to/about the ladies. About Tamra, he says, “I’ve forgiven her for all the hurt that she’s caused, but I haven’t forgotten, nor can I.” Does Brooks trust Tamra? “No. She speaks out both sides of her mouth.”

Brooks “sincerely thanks” Heather Dubrow for her support over the years.

To Shannon, Brooks points out, “It’s not about you with your doctor visit and research. It’s about me getting healthy and me being okay with whom I’m seeing and what I’m doing.” Last but not least, to Meghan, “F–k off!”

Brooks says he could have dug through the blogs to find dirt on the ladies, but he didn’t, because he chose to rise about that. “I don’t fight the way they fight,” he adds. “They fight below the belt. They brought more stress rather comfort in her life by accusing her boyfriend of faking cancer. We wanted to demonstrate that through thick and thin we could make it, and we didn’t. We didn’t make it because of too much noise that Vicki allowed to control her mindset day in and day out. I don’t listen to the noise anymore because I know the truth. I don’t answer to anyone but God, closest family, and closest friends. These ladies are not friends to me.”


Photo Credit: Bravo