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Lisa Vanderpump‘s restaurants aren’t only the hottest places to dine, they also have the hottest thieves! This weekend Villa Blanca was burglarized by a hot robber rocking an unzipped hoodie to reveal his washboard abs. No, it wasn’t Jax Taylor… the thief in the night is unknown!

Security cameras, which seem to be working just fine for this occasion, captured the burglar as he broke into the kitchen and is seen rifling through the fridge, emerging with a gallon of milk. 


After that the thief nabs what appears to be a bag of tortilla chips and is then seen digging through other areas of the kitchen. He eventually is seen settling on stealing a bicycle and walking out with that, plus two bags – a backpack and a messenger bag – presumably all belonging to Lisa’s employees. 

At some point in time, while in hot pursuit of valuable fruits and vegetables, perhaps? – I imagine a struggle broke out with a zucchini resulting in the thief’s hoodie coming unzipped. He was shirtless underneath and on the security camera his toned and hairless abs are clearly visible. Too bad the same can’t be said for his face – while everyone was paying attention to his hot body even the security cameras missed a good shot of his face. Now that is a man who understands the power of distraction! 

The Beverly Hills PD has been notified and is on the look out. I assume we’ll find him… on next season’s cast of Vanderpump Rules! He fits all the requirements, and Lisa has a soft spot for down on their luck losers

TMZ has a footage of the robbery, but you can also watch it below!

Too bad for the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star – Lisa she was out of town this weekend and returned to her kitchen being robbed of its valuable dairy products! 

Speaking of Lisa Vanderpump’s drama-filled dining establishments, an all new Vanderpump Rules airs tonight and we’ll be Tweeting along! 


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