Heather Dubrow

Let’s start with the positive: Heather Dubrow looked gorgeous at The Abbey’s sixth annual tree lighting to commemorate World AIDS Day in West Hollywood earlier this week. Now the negative: Heather spent her time there talking about Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers.

Speaking to Us, Heather said she wants to move on from the disaster that was Real Housewives of Orange County season 10, but that’s not possible until Vicki apologizes for lying. Heather said, “When someone apologizes to you in a real way, then you can accept it and move on. She is apologizing for being duped. I agree she was probably duped, but the other truth is that she lied and she has admitted to lying but isn’t apologizing for lying.”


Heather admitted that Vicki wasn’t happy with the first episode of her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, on which she, Tamra Judge, and Shannon Beador dished on the Vicki/Brooks situation. “She reached out to me to tell me she was pissed off about my podcast,” she said. “I talk about what’s going on in my life, and she is part of what’s going on in my life. She wasn’t that happy with what we have been talking about.”

Much to Heather‘s dismay, Vicki declined her invitation to tell her side of the story on Heather Dubrow’s World, “I think that if she just sat down with someone real and answered real questions, we could all move forward.”

The Abbey Food And Bar's 6th Annual Tree Lighting

Vicki did talk to Andy Cohen, but according to Heather, the interview left a lot to be desired.

“What’s funny and, to tear a page out of Vicki’s book, I actually started snoring and fell asleep halfway through,” shared Heather. “It wasn’t that deep to me. I think there are still a lot of unanswered questions. I’m very fond of Vicki. She texted me on Thanksgiving. I texted her back. I care about her and I care about her family, but she lied. I just feel like all we are being told is she feels bad that she was duped. Vicki has been caught in many lies. I would have more respect for her if she just admitted it, and then maybe we could all move on.”

Brooks has been caught in a plethora of lies, as well, but he maintains that he has cancer. Heather doesn’t believe him, “There’s nothing embarrassing about having cancer. If you had chlamydia and you didn’t want people to know, I kind of get that. Crabs, maybe? Cancer, we are all on your team. You’re not showing documents because you’re a liar.”


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