Did Yolanda Foster And David Foster Split Over Jealousy About Yolanda’s Rising Fame?

David & Yolanda Foster

According to insiders Yolanda Foster‘s marriage to David Foster “was torn apart by fame”. David – a famewhore?! You don’t say…

A new report claims David’s failed ambitions related to what Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills could do for his career led to tensions with Yolanda as her daughters became supermodels through the show! 


It was rumored that Yolanda’s health issues caused her split from David. Yet, Yolanda admitted that David’s demanding career, and juggling their children caused them to “grow apart.” An insider, however, credits David’s jealousy over the success Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills brought Yolanda and her children for driving a wedge been them – especially when he had hopes that this own daughters would wind up getting famous! 

David encouraged Yolanda to join Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills,  believing the exposure would benefit his career and Yolanda’s aspiring lifestyle business. Lyme Disease, or whatever Yolanda is suffering from, plateaued those plans. David also hoped Bravo would serve as a platform for his daughters Erin and Sara Foster to launch their careers. Instead Yolanda’s illness became the focus of her storyline, while Gigi and Bella Hadid‘s modeling careers got all the attention. David’s daughters weren’t even on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills! Mohamed Hadid sure got attention though! #ItsLisasFault (I kid).  

When Yolanda became a Housewife, David’s career was thriving. He was then chairman of Universal Verve Music Group, but the label closed and folded into mega-company Interscope Geffen A&M – without David at the helm. 

David blames Yolanda for the “failure” of his label, and other recent career setbacks. “He thinks the ‘Housewives’ show has hurt him,” an insider told Page Six

David believed that by having his famous A-lister friends on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills he’d garner new fans. David is hugely famous internationally and well-respected in the business, but his music doesn’t appeal to younger Americans. Unfortunately performers, such as Babyface Edmonds and Steven Tyler were eclipsed by embarrassing Housewives antics. David was shocked to realize people just weren’t that impressed by ‘David Foster’ (being that it’s no longer 1985 and all…)

David likes to stay relevant. He’s had success and was a big deal . . . ” explains an industry insider. “I think [the show made him] feel like he doesn’t hold the same place in pop culture. Maybe it’s a reality check because her [Yolanda’s] daughters are pop culture.”

The tensions over stage-parenting their daughters further caused a “rift” between Yolanda and My Love’s daughters. Yolanda was “once close” with Erin and Sara but now “Yolanda doesn’t speak with any longer.”  

David’s daughter’s Erin and Sara tried to launch their own reality career with a show on Vh1 called Barely Famous. If you’re asking, ‘Huh? What show is that?’ you’re not alone. The show was renewed for a second season, but it barely gets any traction leaving Erin and Sara in continued obscurity. According to the insider, the fracture between Yolanda and David’s daughters is over “jealously on the Foster side” because the “Hadid girls are huge stars [now].”

David Foster With Daughter SaraDavid with his daughter Sara. [Credit: Instagram]

Gigi and Bella’s successes, in contrast to his daughter’s lack of, wounded David’s “gigantic ego”. Notes the insider, “He’s competitive in that way.” He again reportedly blamed Yolanda

This is all interesting, because David also appeared in the barely viable Princes of Bel Air along side his then-wife Linda Thompson and her sons Brandon and Brody Jenner. That show was canceled after 2 episodes, when David and Linda announced their divorce. David got together with Yolanda soon after. Perhaps David should keep his love life off TV

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David Foster Family ThanksgivingFoster family Thanksgiving. Where’s Yolanda?! [Credit: Instagram]

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