Report: David Foster Is Questioning Yolanda Foster’s Lyme Disease Battle!

Yolanda Foster & David Foster

David Foster, like everyone else is starting to notice the inconsistencies connected to Yolanda Foster‘s very public battle with Chronic Lyme Disease. Earlier this month Yolanda and David announced their divorce and there has been rampant speculation that Lyme contributed to imploding the world’s happiest and most in love couple

All Yolanda’s Pop! Goes The Symptoms has David questioning. “They believe she’s exaggerating her condition,” explains a source close to the music mogul. David is not alone – this season several of Yolanda’s co-stars are expressing their confusion as well. Most notably, if Yolanda is doing so many treatments, how does she know what’s working? And is it the treatments or the disease that’s making her feel so ill? 

Among the oddities surrounding the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star’s health is her on-again/off-again symptoms, sick selfies/happy selfies instagram feed, Yolanda’s assertions that she has completely lost brain functioning.


In the last year Yolanda has dedicated herself  to pursuing any and every ‘alternative’ treatment available; including: constant colonics, IV vitamin drips, dozens of vitamin pills, heavy metal detoxes, removing her implants because of leaky silicone, removing solid gold crowns, fever therapy, stem cells transplants, and hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and more. She’s also suggested co-infections related to parasites, baby cows, and more have contributed to her ailments. 


David has reportedly “shelled out nearly $5 million on Yolanda’s treatments” since her diagnosis in 2012. David is still supporting Yolanda – even giving her a sizable cut of the profit they made selling their $27 million Malibu home this summer. 


Yolanda has defended her “health journey” as being desperate to find a cure for herself, her children, and the millions of others suffering in silence. She insists Lyme has debilitated her so profoundly she’s lost the ability to listen to music, watch TV, read, drive, or apply makeup. But as the source points out, “she’s never gotten a legit diagnosis or a second or third opinion.”

That lack of official diagnosis has raised serious red flags with DavidIs Yolanda Brooks Ayers 2.0?  Many medical doctors question if Chronic Lyme Disease even exists

Even more curious: Yolanda’s symptoms seem to disappear when it is time to hit red carpets, pose for major fashion magazines, or hop on private jets for luxury vacations! Yet, they quickly return when it’s time to film Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunions… “David and his family think Yolanda just loves the attention of being sick,” a confidante tells Us Weekly.  

Yolanda Foster Vacation

Recently Yolanda claimed her children Bella and Anwar are also afflicted with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. Bella blamed last year’s DUI on the effects of the disease and claims she is too tired to do runway shows or party – despite her instagram feed (and career) telling a different story! Like mother, like daughter. 

But seriously – Lyme Disease causes you to blow twice the legal limit on a breathlyzer?! I truly do not understand this disease! Yolanda is adamant we are all IGNORANT and it’s her duty to educate the public.  

Yolanda’s decision to continue with reality TV is further perplexing to David. “He didn’t understand why Yolanda wouldn’t leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if she’s in so much pain and so tired,” asserts the insider. “He’s famous and private and rich, so it was frustrating Yolanda wanted to do this show so badly.”

An earlier report even blamed David’s jealously over Yolanda, Gigi, and Bella’s successes from RHOBH for causing tensions in the marriage. 

Yolanda insists she is doing the show to raise Lyme awareness and promote Gigi and Bella’s modeling careers. As for why Yolanda left David – he wasn’t present enough to support her through her illness. “She needed someone,” decries an insider connected to Yolanda. 

Yolanda is now reporting that she spends 60% of her time in bed, but she also has 60% improvement in brain functioning. And after not driving for THREE YEARS, Yolanda was spotted driving this weekend. It’s a Christmas miracle, y’all! Let’s hope satan doesn’t confuse her by giving her a DUI. 


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