Report: David Foster Is Still Financially Supporting Yolanda Foster – Even Though SHE Left Him!

yolanda david foster

So it seems like David Foster is officially sick of Yolanda Foster‘s ‘I’m sick pity-party’ trying to make him look guilty in the wake of their divorce news. 

According to sources David and Yolanda have been separated for year, but it’s not David who initiated the divorce – the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star actually left him! Despite being dumped, David has continued paying all of Yolanda’s Lyme-induced medical bills. 


Yolanda is being put on blast for trying to make David look bad post-split. Since the couple announced their split various stories have been circulating that Yolanda is broke after being cast out by egotistical David, and even worse, Yolanda is turning to her ex-husband Mohamed Hadid for financial support. Yolanda herself has been all over the press bemoaning the difficulties of marriage, yet claiming her heart is breaking over her marriage ending. But, is it all an act? Because insiders are insisting none of those other stories, or Yolanda’s claims, are true!

A new report declares that even though Yolanda left David over a year ago (and conveniently left this out of broadcasting accolades for MY Love, My King and their perfect amazing love) David has often been by Yolanda’s side and has fully supported her Lyme Journey. The couple vacationed together in Canada this summer and David tried hard to include Yolanda in his star-studded life, as well as be present for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills filming events. We all know that’s trying… 

Even more – TMZ reports David is “paying a fortune” in Yolanda’s medical bills and financing her lifestyle. I’m venturing to guess many of Yolanda’s alternative treatments, including her “health advocate Daisy,” are not covered under insurance…

Additionally David refrained from letting their split leak to the media in the ensuing months since Yolanda bailed on the marriage. (Likely to protect HER image on RHOBH!).

Insiders reveal that although the couple has an iron-clad prenup, David is “giving her significantly more than he’s required to do under the document.” 

Yolanda and David also sold their $27 million dollar Malibu home this summer – ostensibly because of her Lyme – but the home was actually soley owned by David. Regardless David agreed to give Yolanda a “big chunk” 0f the proceeds. 

Yolanda was able to use that money to buy a new $5 million dollar home in the upscale Wiltshire Corridor section of LA. Yolanda was spotted moving in this weekend – and toting all of her medical equipment with her. And most exciting of all her brain function, which is now at 60% improvement, has allowed her to drive again! Praise! 

Well, well, what have we here. OK David – lets get you on a Diane Sawyer special to spill all! Can Mohamed come too. I know y’allz got stories to tell… 


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