Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth Accuses Fiancé Of Disloyalty For Attending A Party With Gretchen Rossi!

Who is surprised to learn that Ryan Vieth has drama? [crickets]. Over the weekend Tamra Judge‘s son got into an instagram argument with his fiancé? wife? ex-something? Sarah Rodriguez and accused of her being a disloyal cheater! And yes, somehow Gretchen Rossi was involved! #NakedWastedRevenge #OfCourse

The drama began when Sarah attended a birthday party for party planner Emily Simpson, a party which also happened to be attended by former Real Housewives Of Orange County stars Gretchen and Lizzie Rovsek. Also at the party was Tamra’s one-time BFF/turned nemesis, Ricky. Apparently Emily was a one-time contender to join the show, as a friend of Gretchen’s, and who knows – maybe we’ll be seeing her on the next season! #AGirlCanDream. Emily also planned Sarah and Ryan’s baby shower

“My mother has done so much for her and her children and to hang out with two of the most backstabbing people my mother has ever dealt with is just complete disrespect to our family,” Ryan ranted in a now-deleted Instagram post! “…  All I can tell you is you only know a spec of what is really going on and why I left my situation with [Sarah].” 


gretchen-rossi-sarah-rodriguez-partySarah parties with Gretchen and Ricky [Instagram]

So what has Sarah been up to besides cavorting with the enemy? According to Ryan: scheming, lying, getting super wasted, and cheating, oh – and they’re either divorced or the engagement is off! Oh dearie – so we won’t be seeing that wedding on Real Housewives Of Orange County next season? 

Sarah and Ryan may have broke up in October 2015, according to some old tweets, but they’ve been ‘together’ for the kids as recently as Christmas. 

“If you would like to hear the story where Sarah was out all night drinking with another man and didn’t come home till the next morning without her engagement ring and cell phone because this man had it we can start there,” Ryan teased. 

Ryan Vieth and daughter Ava

“To say that I stuck around as long as possible for my daughter is a understatement,” he seethed.  

Sarah, a single-mother of three girls, initially met Ryan on Instagram. Ryan moved to Northern California to be with her and proposed almost immediately. Soon after they had their daughter Ava RyanRyan, Sarah, and all four girls then relocated to Orange County, and last year was arrested for domestic violence. Tamra insisted they were working though the issues with Pasture Mike. Apparently not!

Thanks to Starcasm, who was covering Ryan’s meltdown live, Ryan claims he and Sarah have been in a nasty custody dispute! 

“For the past year I’ve had to deal with her threats of taking my daughter away to Northern California. I’m mentally drained but happy now that I have joint physical and legal custody of Ava,” seethed Ryan. “She has managed to have 3 other daughters with 3 different fathers and they have never been in the children’s life but that will not happen to me.” So, is Sarah a “monster mom”? Shhh… don’t tell Gretchen

Ryan also said Sarah “refuses” to return her engagement ring. “I only assume she’s going to sell it when she really needs money.” 

Tamra, who seems to have a close relationship with Sarah (and her three other daughters), hasn’t commented. She has her own custody issues to deal with!

After Ryan’s accusations, Sarah defended herself, then made her Instagram and Twitter private.

On attending the same party as Gretchen and Ricky – it’s nothing personal! “Just because I was in the room with certain people or in pictures with certain people DOES NOT make me a disloyal person. I simply went to friends bday party last night to celebrate her turning 40 and boy did I have fun!!” Sarah says Emily was her “first friend” when she moved to the OC.

Ryan Vieth and Sarah

On Sarah’s relationship with Tamra – her mother-in-law?: “Tamra is a very very special person to me. Not only is she my mother in law. She is one of my best friends and she has been the best grandma to ALL of my girls. Through the good and through the bad. I value her.” *Were Sarah and Ryan married? Ryan makes it seem as if they were just engaged. 

As for Ryan, Sarah defended him too. “Ryan is the best dad I could have ever asked for my daughter which I would never ever come between.” 

“We both did things wrong,” Sarah concluded.  


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