Shannon Beador and Gretchen Rossi Spat On WWHL: Gretchen Says Meghan Edmonds Is Karma For Vicki Gunvalson


Current and former Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and Shannon Beador livened things up on Watch What Happens Live tonight.   The ladies agreed to disagree on Tamra Judge, dished on Brooks Ayers’ cancer debate, and Gretchen talked about Slade Smiley’s job status and much more! 

Shannon on the current state of her relationship with Vicki Gunvalson: “We’re not speaking.”  Does she think it’ll ever be the same? “No.”  She’s still irked that Vicki denies asking for help, but she says she would’ve helped even if Vicki hadn’t. 

Andy asks Gretchen what the deal is with her and Slade’s on-again/off-again wedding plans.  “You tell me, when should we get married?” Andy brings up that the last time he saw her was at the reunion where everyone was accusing her of faking her engagement to Slade.  (Gotta love shade-throwing Andy)  He grills her on why they haven’t gotten married.  “The May 28th date, once we put it out there we realized it was a holiday weekend. We didn’t realize it was Memorial Day weekend or whatever.  So many of our family members already had trips planned and then Slade got booked to do a mini-series in Mexico…”  Andy continues his digging and reminds her that she said she wouldn’t marry him until his finances are in order – are they now?  “Honestly, he’s doing much better.”   She says it has nothing to do with them getting married or not at this point.  “We’re gonna get married, we just don’t have a date on the calendar.”

Andy asks if they’re still on different pages about kids – Slade didn’t want anymore and Gretchen wanted one.  “That’s so not what it was. We always wanted babies, that’s was never the issue.”  She says it was a matter of whether they would have babies before or after getting married. 

Any contact with Alexis Bellino?  “I’ve seen her out at a couple parties, but no we don’t like call each other.”  On her relationship with Tamra Judge, “Oh yeah, we go to lunch all the time,” she jokes. 

Andy says that Tamra said last week on the show that Gretchen is the person she doesn’t want back on the show.  “Because I’m friends with her ex-BFF Ricky, who has a lot of dirt to tell me about her.”   Shannon side-eyes Gretchen and says, “But he’s not accurate.”

Andy asks Gretchen if there’s anything she wants to clear the air about – things she’s been mentioned in, etc, this season. “That’s a loaded question.”  She admits she hasn’t watched every episode. She’s only watched mini clips on Bravo.  “The truth is that Vicki and Tamra had so much to say about my relationship with Jeff and they beat me up all the time about it.  I was attacked and harassed a lot about that. I just find it interesting that Vicki’s now coming on the show with a family member that’s sick with cancer when they said I shouldn’t be on the show with somebody that’s sick with cancer. They also had a lot of false accusations about me and now Vicki’s in that same hot seat.  Part of me feels compassion for her but at the same time I feel like Karma has shown up and her name is Meghan.” 

A viewer asks if Shannon and David have found peace in their marriage and she says yes.  He mentions that David is in the audience, along with Slade.  Andy says Slade lost 15 pounds and Gretchen giggles “he did?” and says she didn’t even know that…

The first caller tells Gretchen she loves her, “but does Slade have a job?!”  Gretchen laughs it off and says “Yes he does and he actually always had a job, he just went through a really tough period like everybody else in the country did that lost their jobs.”   Andy prods and asks what he’s doing.  She says Slade is working for a Tech company.  

The next caller asks Shannon if she knows why Vicki and Brooks broke up. “Do I know their ins and outs? No, because I didn’t speak to her before it happened.  From what I’ve heard is that they’ve had struggles in their relationship back and forth.  I think they’ll probably get back together if you look at history but I don’t know the inside info.” 

When they come back from commercial Andy outs the ladies for having a spat during the break!  There’s some major tension.  Gretchen tries to laugh it off as “difference of opinion on Tamra” but Andy says they really got into it.  Gretchen told Shannon she ‘drank the kool-aid’.  Shannon says “I drank no kool-aid.” They had a tiff over Shannon’s comment about Tamra’s friend Ricky.  Shannon thinks he’s full of it and that Tamra has changed but Gretchen doesn’t think so.  “She (Shannon) didn’t go through the five years of torture that Tamra put me through and I understand where she’s coming from and that’s okay.” 

A viewer wants to know why Shannon is defending Tamra after she burned Shannon.  “I’ve seen the transformation.  I’ve spent a lot of time with her and she went through a lot and we’re close right now.  I’m a very good judge of character.  We’re in a good space and she’s a good person.”

Andy says to Gretchen that she and Tamra were very good friends at one time. “I thought.  I was in the same position, I thought she was the same person that she’s (Shannon) describing right now and I found out very quickly that she wasn’t and unfortunately I’ve learned a lot of things since the show about what she was up to and conniving things she was doing and it was hard to hear.” 


Another caller asks Shannon about her marriage – if it’s gotten stronger.  She says it’s back to the place it was when they first got married and are in a better place.

Gretchen’s opinion on the Brooks cancer debate:  “I’m not a doctor so I don’t know whether he has cancer or not but I do say there’s a lot of shady shade going on.  For me, when Jeff was sick, I wanted help from everyone around me and if someone was questioning me, I would’ve brought up medical records in 5.2 seconds. I don’t blame the women for questioning it.”

Then they play a game with half naked guys on the stage and when it’s prize time – Sonja Morgan pops in to hand them out.  And apparently brought along a 22 year old hottie with her as a date. 

A caller asks how Slade’s brother Kent is doing. Gretchen says he cut the mullet. 

Another viewer asks how Shannon felt when her daughter said she was the queen of drinking.  Shannon stumbles on words, trying to say that her daughter meant when they go out and is adamant that she doesn’t drink much at all at home. 

Shannon says that Meghan has CIA in her blood and goes way deeper than she ever personally would to find out what’s going on but she doesn’t know why it’s Meghan’s mission to out the cancer.



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