Gretchen Rossi Calls Tamra Judge A “Monster Mom!” Says Custody Battle Is Karma For Lying About Slade Smiley Being A Deadbeat Dad!

Gretchen Rossi & Tamra Judge

Just because they’re no longer on Real Housewives Of Orange County together doesn’t mean that Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Judge have stopped hating each other!

Tamra is in the middle of heated custody battle with her ex-husband Simon Barney, and Gretchen is adding fuel to the fire by reminding Tamra that words can come back to haunt you! O-U-C-H.

Is Gretchen really in a position to comment on anyone’s negligent parenting? She says yes, because all those things we believed about Slade being a deadbeat dad were just rumors perpetuated by Tamra! Were they?

Simon recently called Tamra “abusive” and accused her of setting a bad example with her behavior on Real Housewives Of Orange County. Gretchen eagerly points out the hypocrisy of Tamra badmouthing Slade’s parenting since her own is apparently so questionable. 


Gretchen reminds us, “Tamra called Slade a deadbeat dad, which is completely untrue because he has a great relationship with his son.” 

“What is funny about all of this is that now SHE is a monster mom!” snaps Gretchen. “Her own daughter cannot stand her and does not want to see her anymore. This is a fact.”

The former-enemies-turned-friends-turned-enemies-again have always been willing to throw low blows, but is Gretchen going too far?

Gretchen believes not and considers the custody battle Tamra’s karma, because, “Tamra knew that what she was saying about Slade at the time was not true.” Gretchen is all about karma, lately, isn’t she? Gretchen Christine Bootay learned a new vocabulary word! 

Tamra’s daughter Sydney has chosen to live with Simon full-time, and court documents reveal Sydney doesn’t want a relationship with Tamra. Simon blames RHOC and Tamra for the mother-daughter issues, but Tamra blames Simon. 

Since her heart has been permanently enshrined in plastic and no longer feels human emotions, Gretchen has a hard time mustering up sympathy for Tamra. “Although there is a compassionate side that wants to feel bad for her, there is also a side of me that is like ‘you know what? Karma really is a b***h,’” Gretchen tells Radar Online. “It doesn’t feel good to have people second guessing you like both Vicki and Tamra did to me at the time.” 

Gretchen also pin-pointed Vicki Gunvalson‘s hypocrisy (again) over Brooks Ayer‘s cancerous-ness being featured on RHOC when Vicki had such an issue with Gretchen filming while her former fiancé Jeff battled cancer. On WWHL Gretchen referred to Meghan King Edmonds as Vicki’s “karma.” 

Well, there’s no lost love between Gretchen and Tamra! I cannot wait to see how Tamra responds to this. Presently “monster mom” is busy celebrating her youngest daughter’s birthday at Disneyland. 


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