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Yolanda Foster and Craig Ferguson were Andy Cohen’s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight.  Yolanda briefly touches on life as a single lady again, not owing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Lisa an apology and reveals that she’s using organic highlights from Whole Foods to dye her hair.

Yolanda and Andy talk about her daughters being everywhere – on magazine covers, walking in the fashion shows, etc.  Andy mentions that Lisa Rinna was at the Tommy Hilfiger NYFW show at the same time Yolanda was but Yolanda says she didn’t know it until Anwar asked, “Isn’t that the woman who said you had Munchausen’s disease?”  Andy praises her for getting the pronunciation of Munchausen right.  She says she had a lot of practice from hearing it on the show so much.  He plays a montage of all the times Yolanda attempted to pronounce the word on RHOBH.

Speed round: 

How is single life?  “I don’t know yet.  I’m still at home trying to get well.” 

How’s her new home?  “It’s beautiful.  It’s not completely furnished yet but I love the space and I’m starting to get used to the new normal.”  She left the fridge behind. 

Why did she change her name back to Hadid?  Andy adds, “I just learned this yesterday.”  And Yolanda replies, “you know, me too.”  She then says that she never dropped the name Hadid because she has three children by that last name.  And then she says she asked the kids if she should go back to her Dutch maiden name and they said “no, you’re our mommy and you have the same last name, so..”

Is she still in touch with Kim and Brandi? “Yes, all the time.” 

How are they doing?  “They’re great.”  She then says how it’s funny that out of everyone in the group, these two are the ones who have the most compassion for her journey and have been really good to her. 

Andy then plays a ton of clips showing the cast discussing Yolanda and her Lyme disease, etc.  Andy asks if she’s seen anything since the show started airing that any of the women have said that has disturbed her the most.  “Obviously it was shot six months ago.  Looking back, it was hurtful. It’s one thing if the world talks and doubts my journey.  I’m sharing my journey to bring awareness to Lyme disease and that’s the purpose of my sharing, I’m not sharing for a pity party or trying to get any special attention.  I’m as frustrated with the disease as everybody else. But I want answers and I want a cure.” 

Craig asks her how she feels now compared to six months ago.  He holds her hand as he says she seems very healthy now and assures her that he’s not making light of it.  “That’s the thing, you seem healthy, but you’re not.”  Yolanda responds, “I wish I looked bad and feel good instead of feeling bad and looking good.” 

Andy then plays the clip from the episode of WWHL where Lisa Rinna confesses who it was that told her Yolanda might have Munchausens (a hair dresser).  Andy asks Yolanda if that surprised her.  “Yeah, because are you going to listen to what the hairdresser says? If you’re my friend, you should be going to the hairdresser like ‘are you crazy’?”  She says she doesn’t know Lisa’s hairdressers. 

A viewer asks why the other housewives (besides Erika) want to believe that she is faking her illness? “You know what, they are saying what a lot of people are thinking in the world.  I mean, there’s such ignorance when it comes to invisible disease and millions of people are suffering with those problems of family members, friends and people out in the world judging them by the way they look. So maybe they’re just voicing what a lot of people are thinking.”

Does Yolanda feel she owes Lisa an apology for overreacting to the statement about her kids? “No, absolutely not.”

A viewer asks if Yolanda is back to dying her hair and putting on nail polish.  She says no polish and she used organic highlights from Whole Foods to color her hair.

The WWHL poll is whose side are you on – Lisa Rinna or Yolanda and the results were 42% Lisa and 58% Yolanda. 



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