Tonight Lifetime will be airing two new episodes of Little Women: LA and Little Women: Atlanta. On both shows the friends relationships are threatened by miscommunication and drama. 

On Little Women: LA, Jasmine offers to throw Briana a bachelorette party, but wants to invite all the girls! However, after all the drama with Briana the rest of the group isn’t sure if they even want to attend.


Tonya and Terra finally make peace after their huge fight – and just in time because Tonya learns she’ll need major surgery and hopes to have Terra’s support. Finally, Elena is pregnant, but has to prepare for double the trouble! Finally, Christy throws a housewarming party and invites the entire group – but an unexpected party crash may put on a damper on the festivities! 

Little Women: Atlanta

On Little Women: Atlanta, after their knock-down, drag-out fight The Cheeks and The Tiny Twins are forced to put aside their differences when Emily books a gig for them both in Savannah. Emily and Bri decide to turn it into a mini vacation by inviting the entire group. Bri has her doubts that Andrea and Amanda can behave, although she agrees to go along.

Tensions between Minnie and Monie are at an all-time high after Minnie reveled her lie about dating Pastor Troy, and Monie’s music video was such a disaster. Minnie isn’t happy with the way Monie handled things at the video and let Little People be mocked, and although Monie claims she’s forgiven Minnie and moved on, she is having difficulty trusting her BFF again. The frustration between Minnie and Monie threatens to cause a rift in the whole group! 

As always, Reality Tea will be recapping both shows!


[Photo Credits: Lifetime]


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