Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15, Episode 11 Recap: Portugal Has a Problem

Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta have arrived for Season 15’s healing journey in Portugal. Sadly, they are doing everything except for healing! We left off last week with Drew Sidora leaving the dinner table in tears on night one. In Episode 11, we learned that Drew’s tears had less to do with Shereé Whitfield’s shenanigans and more with Ralph Pittman’s. Then, one of the Housewives suffered an injury as the ladies spent a rainy day exploring Portugal.

A lawsuit is not a joke

The first night in Portugal abruptly stopped. Drew and Shereé argued over Drew’s $1,000 lawsuit brought by a chef who claims they weren’t paid for their services. Drew explained to the group that she was frustrated at Shereé for bringing it up right before the trip, and talking about it behind her back to Courtney Rhodes. Did Shereé forget that she’s Ralph’s cousin and would return to Drew with anything she could get her hands on?

Shereé, Kenya Moore, and Sanya Richards-Ross chased after Drew to try to console her, and Drew reminded them that a “lawsuit is not a joke.” But hilariously, Kenya chimed in and tried to do the math to figure out how much each Housewife would need to throw down to pay off the $1,000 debt. What’s $1,000 divided by eight?

Now, $1,000 is a lot of Drop it with Drew subscriptions. But Drew explained that it’s not just the money that has her extra sensitive about the lawsuit. According to Drew, the chef was going to blogs and slandering her name.

In her confessional interview, Shereé admitted that she only brought up the lawsuit to get revenge for last season when Drew brought up the accusations that Shereé didn’t pay her assistant. Once again, Shereé is contradicting herself. How are you leading a healing journey but constantly instigating?

Meanwhile, at the dinner table, the other ladies questioned Drew’s dramatics. Kandi Burruss said, “And scene,” as Drew walked away from the table, insinuating that Drew was just being theatrical. Kandi has a hard time believing Drew would get this teary-eyed over such a minor altercation over a frivolous lawsuit.

This isn’t the first time that one of Drew’s castmates has accused her of acting for the camera, but this time, they were right. In a confessional interview, Drew admitted that her nerves were a little sensitive during the trip because of Ralph. When they were shooting their music video, a woman was oiling him down, and she’s the same woman that invited him to Las Vegas to audition for the Black Magic Mike. Drew felt like something was up with her man, and the $1,000 lawsuit was just another thorn in her side.

Kandi’s attendance issues

Kandi Burruss
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During the first dinner in Portugal, the ladies also took a moment to confront Kandi about her poor attendance record. She’s like someone in your college class who only shows up on exam days. She’s missed many a group event for various reasons: Xscape commitments, award shows, and more. It’s always a work obligation with Kandi, and although this isn’t new behavior, she’s getting busier and busier with every season.

Interestingly, Kandi admitted that her workaholic behavior is because she still feels like her career is in a building stage. She wants to work hard to ensure that she has staying power in the entertainment industry. The ladies were shocked since she’s accomplished so much in her career. Why does she feel like she could lose it at any moment?

The ladies concluded that Kandi needs to focus on factoring some self-care time into her busy schedule. Ironically, Kandi is only there for two days, so she’ll miss out on most of the healing journey in Portugal.

Diva down

Kenya Moore
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For the second day in Portugal, Shereé had a packed itinerary for the ladies: a trip to the market, a meeting with a chef, a farm-to-table lunch, and a pottery class. Nothing on this itinerary screamed “holistic healing journey,” but it still sounds like a fun and wholesome day. However, the ladies complained that it was the rainy season, and the forecast indicated a damp and dreary outlook for the entire vacation.

Braving the rain, the ladies boarded their sprinter to embark on their Portuguese adventure. Then, disaster struck. Kenya waltzed out of the hotel and slipped on the wet ground. She cried in agony as the other ladies sat on the bus when their mouths agape from disbelief.

Kenya immediately complained about back pain — her coccyx bone, to be specific, and she wound up on a stretcher and left the hotel in an ambulance. She seriously can’t catch a break. What are the odds of getting taken out on a stretcher during both cast trips in one season?

While the ladies waited for the ambulance, Drew sat with her cousin Courtney inside the hotel. Shockingly, Courtney said that Kenya’s fall was karma for being a mean girl. That’s some pretty harsh karma — especially since she didn’t know the extent of the injury. In a confessional interview, Drew said she wasn’t pleased with Courtney’s scathing comment. And if Courtney ends up at this season’s reunion, she better be prepared to own up to this comment.

Kandi accompanied Kenya to the hospital, meaning most of Kandi’s trip to Portugal was spent watching Drew cry at dinner and hanging out in the waiting room in a hospital. After seven hours, Kenya was released with good news. There were no broken bones! However, on social media, she shared that she still suffers pain from the fall.

And scene?

With Kenya and Kandi temporarily sidelined, the rest of the ladies embarked on their activity-filled day. Marlo Hampton noted that the vibes in the group felt better without Kenya and Kandi. Are they really the problem?

The RHOA editors tried to push the point by showing a montage of Kandi and Kenya having angry outbursts this season, but they’re not the only ones being messy. For example, while Kandi and Kenya were absent, Shereé and Marlo tried to ruffle Drew’s feathers by telling her how Kandi reacted to her crying the night before.

The first genuine attempt at “healing” came at the end of the night when Shereé planned a hotel hangout to wind down at the end of the night. The ladies all showed up in their pajamas, and Shereé tried to read Kandi for wearing joggers and a sweatshirt. It’s weird coming from Shereé since she literally sells joggers and sweatshirts.

Either way, the ladies had a productive conversation about the drama happening within the group and their personal lives. Sanya talked about her fight with her sister before the MommiNation brunch, Drew addressed the “and scene” comment with Kandi, and Shereé peer-pressured the girls into buying clothes from She by Shereé. It was a productive night for the group morale. But, when the production cameras went down, things got weird.

Drew’s divorce looms

Drew Sidora, Ralph Pittman
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In low-quality cell phone footage from Marlo’s POV, we see a bizarre argument between the cast. It’s all about the infamous Bolo trip. The fact that we are still talking about Bolo is wild, but remember Latoya Ali from that season? Kandi said that Drew made out with her during the Bolo extravaganza. Latoya said it at the season 13 reunion, but Drew was shocked that anyone would say such a thing. She quickly denied ever kissing a woman, let alone Latoya.

Drew suggested that they agree to disagree on whether or not she kissed Latoya, but that got Kandi activated. She looked at Drew, like, “Are you calling me a liar?” Kandi decided to leave the hotel hangout, and the episode ended by teasing the future issues with Drew’s marriage. We know that Drew and Ralph filed for divorce. But, based on the preview of what happened in the weeks following the Portugal trip, Latoya may not have been the only woman on Drew’s lips.

The Season 15 Portugal trip continues (without Kandi) on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.