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I’ve got to give it to one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbies. Can Kathryn Edwards blog or can Kathryn Edwards blog? While her entries may be a bit verbose (so I love them, but I’ve cut some content), Kathryn maneuvers the Internet like a professional. She may not always make the best impressions while filming, but Kathryn is thoughtful and calculated enough to express herself in her Bravo blogs in a manner that makes her appear both sincere and balanced. Who’s taking sides? Not Kathryn! At least, not really…girlfriend should teach a class. Co-star Eileen Davidson could benefit

She rehashes this week’s episode with panache. Starting with a slew of compliments for Yolanda Foster (K-Ed knows never to kick a RHOBH star when they’re down), Kathryn writes, “I hope this time of year finds everyone well…I love spring as everything turns green and begins to bloom again. Last week you saw a few of us ladies (Yolanda, Kyle [Richards], Erika [Girardi] and I) head to New York to attend Yolanda’s Global Lyme Alliance gala. Well tonight you got to see the event and hear some of the honorees speak of their battle with Lyme. I was so appreciative to be invited and attend this event for a few reasons–namely, to support Yolanda in her battle against this very debilitating disease while trying to bring awareness to it and help others.”


Distancing herself from anything that could be considered smack talk, Kathryn makes a veteran move. She blames editing! Way to go, sister! Kathryn recalls, “Listening to the other honorees talk about their experiences and hearing similar words from all of them had a resonating feeling. It must be incredibly frustrating to feel so ill and not have people believe you or question your integrity. As if it’s not enough to wonder when you’ll ever feel normal again, but then to have your family, friends and loved ones look at you as if you are doing this to garner sympathy…that’s a big accusation, one that I would never feel comfortable to make.”

She continues, “I have never doubted Yolanda’s illness, I have been very vocal about that, whether you saw it on the show or not. I was not bothered by her lack of makeup and the way she presented herself at any time. When we were sitting at the table Kyle, Erika and I were talking about the comments that were made on Yolanda’s appearance. Kyle said that she felt horrible about it and then there was a subtitle of me saying ‘that [Lisa] Vanderpump and [Lisa] Rinna did it too.’ This is about comments made on Yolanda’s lack of makeup, not about Munchhausen’s. No one thinks Yolanda has Munchausen’s. This was a term that Rinna repeated, much to her regret, but let me be clear…Kyle nor Lisa VDP ever said that Yolanda has or had Munchausen’s.”

Tackling that too-amazing-for-words trip and accommodations, Kathryn warns, “This next topic might get a bit lengthy but it was very memorable so I apologize in advance if I get a little long winded. Dubai! First, I have to say that Delta Airlines took very good care of us. We arrived at LAX and went through Delta One check-in…it’s a a seamless entrance to a long flight, and it’s a treat if you ever get a chance to fly first through Los Angeles. Once we arrived in Atlanta we were whisked away from the plane to the Delta lounge by private car…this was a first for me. Loved it! Atlanta is a huge airport and the distance from one gate to another can be a half marathon, so this was a welcome luxury. The flight was smooth and we landed ready for an adventure.”

Kathryn gushes, “This was my first time to Dubai, and I was up for everything. When we finally made it to our destination and pulled in to The Atlantis, The Palm hotel, I was thrilled. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the taste…everything made me feel as if I was half-way around the world, and I loved it! Our suites were out of this world beautiful! We were treated like royalty. Everyone was assigned a concierge who was available to us 24/7, and it was nothing short of perfect. I was happy to share a suite with Erika, because I felt like we finally got over all of the drama while we were in New York and now could finally laugh and enjoy ourselves.” Hey, Kathryn…I know it’s semantics, but you technically were “half-way around the world.”

She adds, “Walking into Kyle and Lisa VDP’s suite was like walking into something you could only ever dream about but never expect to see. A-mazing! I wish I would have worn one of the kaftans I brought but thankfully Kyle gave all of us ladies a beautiful one, and I couldn’t wait to put it on and really feel in the moment. The conversation started off so nice and light hearted but it quickly turned, and I wish it wouldn’t have. It seems as though all of the re-hashing of feelings and moments is what we do best…I really hoped this wasn’t the case,” lamenting, “As I sat there listening to Lisa Rinna talk about her feelings toward Yolanda, I thought that it must be tied to her dislike for Kim [Richards] and Brandi [Glanville] and that Rinna’s distaste for those two bleeds into her views of Yolanda. I don’t know…I just want to have fun…and then Rinna brings up the dinner at Erika’s and asks her how she felt. Really? On our first night when everything is going so great? Why?” 

The newbie concludes, “I was happy that Lisa VDP said that she knows that Erika didn’t mean it ‘mean spirited’ because it seemed to squelch the topic and we could all resume a celebratory night and at least toast friendship for a little while. It seems as though mountains are made out of mole hills and unless something is exposed and turned into a devious plan to undermine someone, in a way it was never intended, then some people in this group aren’t happy. Note to self: When trying to choose words carefully so as not to incite new riots, do not use the word ‘like’…just give a bored look and wait for a new victim, I mean subject. As always, ending on a positive note I’ll say this: We live in a world of so many cultures and beliefs and being able to travel shows us how small our personal life is in the big picture, but the one great truth, that is universal to all people, everywhere, is love and kindness.”

Kathryn, you are spot on with your observations, but please, for the love of all things RHOBH, please stop referring to Lisa Vanderpump as VDP. Thank you. 


[Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles/Bravo]

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