Peter & Cynthia - RHOA Season 8 Reunion

Cynthia Bailey Confesses Her Marriage To Peter Thomas Is “Not In A Great Place”

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are hot and they’re cold, they’re on and they’re not! During the Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion, the couple admitted to living in separate cities, but denied being ‘separated’. “I love my wife,” Peter said defensively to Porsha Williams‘ accusation that he was cheating on his wife with waitresses all over Atlanta! 

After Peter was caught on video caressing a woman not his wife, Cynthia insisted they were working on things. When she was a no-show to Peter’s daughter’s recent wedding, rumors of divorce started swirling again. 

“The finale was filmed some months ago – that’s not real time. At the finale, when that was filmed, we were in a better place. I will say now that Peter and I are not in a great place,” Cynthia admitted on Amy Phillips‘ SiriusXM show Reality Checked. “We are not in a great place.”


I don’t think anything about that kitchen massage probably done with Kroger EVOO was an indication of a happy marriage, but whatever CynthiBot… 

Cynthia and Peter blamed “businesses” for the reason they’re living apart presently. Uh-huh. 

“Honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen with us right now – we’re still trying to figure it out,” Cynthia continued. “It’s kind of complicated. We’ve been married for five years, we’ve been together for eight. We’re the only couple on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta that actually was married. We’ve never been married outside of the show. And, I don’t think that has helped us a lot.”

Both Cynthia and Peter acknowledged the show – which even showcased Cynthia’s mother and sister attempting to thwart their nuptials (too bad that didn’t succeed!) – made their marriage harder. They’ve been plagued by repeated financial and legal issues, including bar closings and bankruptcies, as well as infidelity rumors. Peter was recently investigated by police for a brawl in his Charlotte, NC bar Sports One

“Maybe if we had been married for a few years before the show, that would have been better,” Cynthia suggested. Doubt it. After all, she would still be married to Peachter! “It’s been difficult. The wedding was difficult. Everything about our marriage has been difficult.” 

Too bad they didn’t take their own advice from their marital memoir! 

As for what Cynthia is hoping the future holds, she admitted she isn’t sure. “I usually have all the answers for all the questions, but when it comes to my marriage, I just don’t know right now. I just know that it’s not good right now.”

I personally think Cynthia will wait until the next season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta is filming to file for divorce. That will give Cynthia a guaranteed storyline, and a reason to remain on the show. I also predict we’ll see her becoming closer to fellow-divorced housewives Porsha and Phaedra Parks as a result! I also believe we’ll see more concrete evidence of Peachter’s alleged cheating… 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]