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Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Reveals When He’ll Propose And Dishes On Kathryn And T-Rav

Hairspray king (and Southern Charm cast member) Craig Conover was the guest tonight on Watch What Happens Live, along with the adorable Ellie Kemper. Craig talked about engagements, hookups and more!

When will Craig propose to Naomi? “When I learn to ask her dad in French, which will probably take about another year.”

Has Craig really ever hooked up with Kathryn Dennis, like the night they fell asleep at the beach? “No. Like how Cameran views me is how I view Kathryn. In the first season I had a crush on her but once Shep hooked up with her, unfortunately I don’t have any interest anymore. So I took out all of my Naked and Afraid skills and saved our lives.”


On supporting Kathryn: “There’s a difference between support and agree with, I think. Right now I’m friends with Thomas and Kathryn both. I don’t agree with either of their actions. They’re both a little nuts, we all are.” He says that he was down last season and they lifted him up and he’ll “always stick up for the underguy.”

Is Shep jealous of Craig? “I don’t think Shep’s jealous of me. I think we’re very different people, we’re like brothers.” He thinks Shep is stepping in his footsteps of last season. “I think he wants to be happy and he sees Naomi and I and he sees what he really wants in life. I think he’s just feelin’ it out.”

A caller asks if Craig thinks T-Rav and Landon ever hooked up.  There’s a long dramatic pause as Craig turns bright red… he stammers and can’t deny it so Andy takes that as a ‘yes.’  (updated to add: Landon Tweeted that she has never hooked up with Thomas.)

Poll question: Did you find the poop hat offensive on RHOD tonight? 52% said no!

Sidenote: your sarcasm detector is broken if you thought Andy was serious about his ring being a purity ring. (he was seriously getting Tweets from people who thought it was so sweet..)

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