Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Says Whitney Was More Than A One Night Mistake; Patricia Responds

After the season 3 premiere of Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis was a guest on Watch What Happens Live along with Carson Kressley. Kathryn revealed that she and Whitney were more than a one night fling and more.

Kathryn says she doesn’t think she was pregnant during the season 2 reunion filming – but that MIGHT have been the two period where she and Thomas Ravenel conceived baby Saint.

Andy plays Kathryn a montage of the nasty reactions that her co-stars had to finding out she was pregnant with their second child.  She says it doesn’t bother her – she finds it funny, albeit rude as hell.

Kathryn reveals that she and Whitney shared more than just a “one night mistake” – there was more than what was shown. They were “dating” for almost two weeks. “I was eating breakfast with Patricia.”

What is it about T-Rav that keeps Kathryn coming back over and over? “He’s a very good politician.And that says about everything. I mean, he can lie like so good.” She added that the first time they met he quoted some French play and that it was very romantic.

During the break, Patricia Tweeted, denying having breakfast with Kathryn, but Kathryn strongly disagrees. Patricia Tweeted, “I have never had breakfast with Kathryn ever.” Adding, “it was 11 and I had breakfast hours before. We did not eat together. She was never seen in my house after that.”

A caller is appalled at the way the cast treats Kathryn and rally around Thomas. Kathryn says they’re social climbing and Thomas is the more valuable ladder.

When a fan asks when the last time Kathryn and Thomas slept together she avoided answering the question with an “Eww.”

A caller ask Kathyrn if she regrets airing family drama on Twitter. Andy reads some of the nasty Tweets between Kathryn and Thomas. “He does it very often and I only do it once or twice here and there. I do regret some of the things but it’s really hard not to reply to someone who constantly lies about you and puts it out there publicly all the time.”

She also revealed that her daughter’s room is an ugly neon periwinkle at Thomas’s house but that when her kids visit him they stay in the guest house anyway.

After the show Whitney Tweeted out, “#SouthernCharm @Andy @kathryn_dennis is delusional. There was no relationship, but I’m flattered. #weakstoryline.”



Photo Credit: Twitter