Lisa Vanderpump Explains Those Calls To Lisa Rinna; Thoughts On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part Two

I have a confession to make: I love when the Real Housewives go rogue and post their own blogs because I know we’re getting the unfiltered version of what they have to say about an episode. Lisa Vanderpump did just that last night after the airing of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. She took to Facebook to share her thoughts on everything that went down.

She starts with an apology. Snicker.  “Hello to you all, I am sorry I was remiss in submitting my blog last week, I was traveling and also fighting a cold. I apologize, oh no …did I just say that? Scratch that because I never do that…”

She throws a little shade Yolanda’s way (I’m assuming she means Yo) for not letting her (or anyone!) get three words in without being interrupted. “So the second part of this intriguing trilogy. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, being constantly interrupted for one. Anyway…I would like to rewind and shed some clarity on the issue of the phone records, a lot of time and effort must’ve been utilized between the two, in their attempt to snare their friend.”

Lisa explains those calls had a lot to do with her Little Pony Expedition with Rinna in the beginning of the season – not to plot against Yolanda. “In the weeks that we filmed prior to the munchausen exposé, arrangements were made between all of us; LR’s birthday dinner, the trip across the country to buy the little pony, I didn’t want to go alone and it was decided LR should come too, it was going to be a surprise for Ken and took quite a bit of organizing, the plane schedule, how we would execute our ridiculous plan, what we would wear, giggling over cowboy hats etc… it was an interesting expedition, which certainly created much excited chatter between us, Ken’s birthday planning where LR and I went shopping for hats, a scene that never aired, Ken’s actual birthday party, and I am sure other events and filming days…so of course there would be the odd phone call over those six weeks or so….Is LR alleging it was ten conspiratorial conversations regarding YF? Absolute hogwash….. I have 250 or so people that work for me, I organized endless events for this season, many events in the restaurants, worked tirelessly for Yulin, oh and filmed two reality shows consecutively, I have almost a farm at home, so I don’t have the energy or time to focus on nonsense.”

She explains further, “Anyway we speak occasionally…Not like Kyle and I, we would speak every few days. So LR went to Yolanda of her own volition, as if to purge herself of her guilt, she called Yolanda the greatest manipulator of all, she also proudly announced that she was responsible for igniting conversations or something to that effect, on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show.”

“ED announced to Yolanda that LR had remorse for initiating a conversation and needed to speak to her, not once in all these conversations was it said that Kyle and I were involved. But when LR felt, after the Lyme gala where Kyle expressed her sympathy for Yolanda, that possibly the tide might turn against her, she wanted to extricate herself from the debacle she had created,pass the blame.”

She puts some of the blame on Eileen Davidson, “Fueled by ED’s dislike for me, a clandestine little plot was hatched. If you recall at the dinner when Andrea Bocelli sang, LR replied “I love LV and don’t find her manipulative at all” That would not have been said if she had been pressured repeatedly to ignite the Munchausen conversation, but for ED that wouldn’t suffice and slowly ED managed to pervade her opinion….Persuade her otherwise.”

She laughs at the thought of Lisa Rinna being the “truth teller” in Eileen’s eyes. “Now Eileen says she doesn’t trust me, whilst she extols LR’s statements, heralding them as the truth, every second hand piece of information, she sanctifies as gospel, the gospel from the veritable truth teller LR, I also believe HH said she misunderstood a statement he made, but I digress….Her not trusting me, well frankly that is a positive for me, as I hope I will never be the recipient of any of her little secrets, will never have to indulge in any conversation, and that suits me perfectly, also I struggle to stay compos mentis when she is spouting her dogmatic diatribe.”

On Eileen feigning “hurt” over a two-day old conversation in the Hamptons, “Let us cast our minds back to the innocuous conversation where I inadvertently used the terminology “Affair”..she never reacted at the time, not even a hint, we went to lunch the next day, no mention, we also had dinner together at Bethany’s not a word…Until that last day when she blindsided me and stated how hurt she was, I was mystified, I knew I had no intention of hurting her.”

She adds, “It is a great example of hypocrisy, ED can mimic my accent, repeatedly, call me manipulative, ruin a vacation, scream at me to the point of tears, relentlessly pursue a verbal attack, goading LR as I sat there and her feel no apology is due from her. It would’ve been so easy to pass judgment on ED and LR to condemn them for much that has transpired, but no friends are more generous than that…”

Lisa is also confused over Lisa Rinna’s strong feelings toward Kim Richards, “It also baffles me where LR is so relentless towards Kim, it has to be extraordinarily difficult to deal with addiction in the public eye, additionally to spend every day with somebody close,who has a terminal illness is a pressure that should evoke sympathy.

Lisa shares that a scene with Lisa Rinna calling Kyle an enabler was edited out, “For Kim to endure a barrage of negativity and abuse, constantly hurled at her by somebody, who clearly has some sort of rage and regret syndrome must be challenging….  LR also stated that Kyle was an enabler on the beach, it was edited out.

An enabler? Where and on what planet does LR form her opinions? Also the frustrations and physicality that has spewed from LR, her decisions and conversations in regard to Yolanda, oh that is all just fine with ED but never mention the word “Affair” Oh Lordy that is unacceptable…”

“It is a wonderful example of two cohorts, driven by pure nastiness, as they pursue their goal, I don’t have any comprehension of how you can be so vicious, with regard to somebody’s sobriety, calling them gross for example, and then say that was then and this is now…I wish you well.”

“Kim from my recollection states perceptively to ED “You over exaggerate this is not a soap opera it is reality” Yes ladies …I struggle to use that word….This is reality, where relationships are delicate and not a land of bubbles that pop as they yell cut, where vicious accusations are dispersed, as you close your dressing room doors.

Actions have consequences, consequences that are sometimes dire, you cannot rewrite history and piece back together fragmented relationships. You cannot absolve yourself from any responsibility, just by muttering regret.”

Lisa adds that she refuses to stoop to their level, “I see things clearly now, clarity has descended, maybe I should’ve retaliated aggressively at the reunion but I refuse to wallow in the murky quagmire in which they swim, it was an arduous few weeks that I emerged from bruised, but emotionally intact as I focus on all the positivities that life has to offer…”

She ends with this, “And in regard to Eileen’s statement, I do have a conscience, one that has allowed me to live an honest, altruistic life, with a loving marriage and raised two socially conscious children, that I have hopefully set a good example to…Not to indulge in dishonesty, bullying and physical violence.  Which begs the question: Can others state the same?”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV