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Carole Radziwill Defends Friendship With Bethenny Frankel; Retweets Slams Against Luann de Lesseps

Carole Radziwill on WWHL

Carole Radziwill‘s latest blog was a diatribe against “The Housewife Narcissist” (THN), a classic example of whom, according to Carole, is Luann de Lesseps. Carole is quite proud of her blog and wants to make “THN” a thing we’ll all be repeating like, “Thug in a cocktail dress,” so she followed up her blog with a rousing round of her favorite gameretweeting mean comments about Luann! Except Carole may have inadvertently poked a very unwanted bear in the process!  

In a desperate attempt to make us appreciate her cleverness, the Real Housewives Of New York star bragged of her blog, “I slay like Beyonce! Who is your THN? #rhony” (Let’s hope that was sarcasm, cause um…. otherwise someone put batshit crazy in Carole’s lemonade.) Inviting viewers to name “‘The Housewife Narcissist’ in each city and win a prize!” resulted in Carole re-tweeting a list which included NeNe Leakes!



Now you know Ms. Leakes isn’t going to ignore this – and Carole crumbles over Confrontations With The Countess…  You know you have your popcorn popped and ready to go!

Let’s dive deeper into Carole’s reality, which also includes earnestly defending her buddy Bethenny Frankel. 

Carole extolled the virtues of her ‘real’ friendship with Bethenny, and defended their decision to rudely bail on Jules Wainstein‘s brunch while mocking Jules and her house. A THN move Carole did not mention in her blog… 

“Anyone would have bolted…we stayed too long as it was…#dirty #dusty #bees #uncomfortable,” Carole complained


Wasn’t Carole on WWHL talking about how she never says anything mean about Luann and how retweeting ‘truths’ from the viewers isn’t the same as saying mean things about Luann? Sounds like Ms. #ZeroF–ksJr gives too many f–ks about Lu. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.54.21 PM

A viewer called Carole out on her nonsense behavior of claiming a retweet is not the same as tweeting, but she laughed it off by claiming Luann deserves it because she called her a pedophile. Anyone remember this?! Anyone?! I mean WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?! Luann said a lot of egregious things (as did Carole), but I don’t recall this one, which Carole mentions every single day like Baby with a bone! 

As for why Bethenny was confronting Luann on Carole’s behalf during her birthday party, Carole praised Bethenny as a “#Empowering #Smart #Pragmatic” friend and sniped, “Yes, I’ll repeat myself. Friends support one another. Is that loud and clear enough for you? @Bethenny #rhony” It must be exhausting fake-loving Bethenny so hard.

And, the woman who slut-shamed Luann and skinny-shamed Jules, then lectured us about what female-bashing misogynists we all are. “It’s unfortunate that women as well as men perpetuate our sexist, misogynistic culture. #rhony,” she tweeted. I think the word Carole really needs to learn the definition of is “hypocrite,” being that she’s a “writer girl” and all. 

However the most glaring example of Carole not understanding hypocrisy (or irony) is when she tweeted this gem: 


Hilarious because Bethenny, Carole’s bestie, is a main offender of the ‘owning it’ excuse. Of course instead of own it, Bethenny prefers to boast that it’s the season of “zero f–ks”

Here’s the thing Carole, sure, you can saaaaay that moving on is a sign that a person is a narcissist incapable of apologizing or forming true relationships, but also a narcissist: A person who can’t accept responsibility for their own actions or view themselves truthfully. So, my THN is YOU, my dear. 


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