RHONY season 8

Bethenny Frankel Calls RHONY More “Raw And Real Than Ever”; Compares It To A “Natural Disaster”

Tonight The Real Housewives Of New York is back for its 8th season! I’m excited – are you excited? Gearing up for an emotional season of love won and lost, businesses besieged, booze, besties ripped apart, health issues, and a new Housewife, Bethenny Frankel compares it to a “natural disaster” and warns things get crazier than ever. 

“It’s one of my favorite seasons despite the fact that I’m going to have to go into the witness-protection program,” Bethenny jokes. “I just say exactly how I feel, and I felt a lot of feelings and I was not afraid to express them.”

“It’s more raw and real than ever,” she adds “It’s always been real, but it’s not sensationalized. It’s so dynamic, and shocking, unbelievable things occur. There’s not a lot of foreplay. We get right to the wham, bam, thank you ma’am.”


It’s that realness of the Housewives that makes the season so legit according to Bethenny

“You can tell when people are being a little contrived or Housewifely,” Bethenny tells Vulture. “I don’t even tolerate that. My life does not revolve around the show. The show revolves around my life. There are many Housewives whose job is to be a Housewife. They get paid that salary and then create other little cute hobbies that they pretend are their businesses that they put on the show.”

Other than business, Bethenny is finally “at the very end” of her divorce from Jason Hoppy and is settled in her apartment and is feeling happier, and more “centered and balanced.” This season reflects that.  Oh boo – I was hoping for more crying meltdowns! 

A more centered Bethenny, is bringing a “different perspective” to experiences on Real Housewives Of New York.  

“I enjoy it now. I enjoy the women and can relate to and identify with what a lot of the women are going through: personally, professionally, getting older,” says Bethenny. “I’m a mom now, and there are many mothers on the cast, and I find it to be different than when I was that single, broke, alone girl trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life.” 

Bethenny explains, “there’s a beauty to being where I am now, taking it as a comedy and having a sense of humor about it and not buying into everything.” 

In fact Bethenny feels the whole season encapsulates an openness among the women. “It seems people are settling into who they are and what their lives are regardless of anyone else’s judgment or stereotype of it.” 

Ramona Singer partially credits the “crazy” season to newbie Jules Wainstein, who got right into the mix. “She went against Bethenny like no one else,” declares Ramona.. “Toe-to-toe… It was fireworks!” 

“It’s seven women who have strong personalities, and I think everyone will be really interested to see how we all work together,” Jules explains to E! News.  

Despite issues with Bethenny, Dorinda Medley calls Jules a “seamless” addition. Yet, other relationships are put to the test this season, most prevalently the friendship between Ramona and Sonja Morgan. “It’s almost like a breakup,” shares Ramona. “It gets pretty intense.” 

“It’s sad to watch,” notes Dorinda. “I cried,” agrees Ramona. Dorinda explains that Ramona and Sonja just couldn’t find “common ground” and became “almost like two different people.” 

Dorinda continues to take flack for her relationship with John, but despite their “volatile” nature, they’re best friends in love. 

On the cast trip things really go off the rails. Ramona and Dorinda hint it’s “beyond.”  Actually “beyond, beyond” and the drama erupted between “everyone.” I can only imagine… I so can’t wait!

In tonight’s season premiere Bethenny is living in her new apartment but still dealing with the stress of divorce. Carole and Adam are still together. Meanwhile Ramona is hitting the dating scene. Sonja’s daughter is at boarding school, and her loneliness inspires her to invite Luann de Lesseps to be her roommate while Luann is apartment hunting. 

Dorinda and John are in love, but Dorinda finds herself defending their relationship to her friends. And Jules joins the group  for a dramatic brunch with Bethenny and Dorinda that does not go well! 

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Real Housewives Of New York premieres at 9/8c. 


[Photo Credit: Mathieu Young/Heidi Gutman/Bravo]