Even when she’s insulting someone, Luann de Lesseps still has some way to make the critique classy. Case in point, Luann had a lot to say after this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York City, but that’s really nothing new.

So, what was bothering The Countess the most after this week’s RHONY episode? She is really bothered by Ramona Singer‘s behavior….for the billionth time. Lu took to her blog to sound off on Ramona’s selective memory.


Luann got a tough rap during this episode and I don’t think she really expected it, especially after she went into a birthday party bearing gifts. She really thought everyone was going to be super receptive to her presence.

In Luann’s Bravo blog, she had a lot to say about the conversation Ramona had with Sonja Morgan when she confronted her about her party habits. Luann wrote, “Ramona and Sonja have been friends for a very long time, and if they focused on everything that happened between them in the past, they wouldn’t be friends today.” So I guess that is her way of saying that they have not consistently been good friends for each other?

Luann also wrote, “At least Ramona told Sonja to her face that she was concerned about her partying. Sonja remained calm and wasn’t rude to Ramona; instead she stayed positive except when it came to me. Disappointing to say the least!” I don’t blame Lu for being shocked by that conversation. I mean come on, Luann and Sonja were pseudo roommates. I figured there would be some loyalty in that.

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Then Luann declared, “Ramona’s memory is always fuzzy when it comes to her own escapades. Just because you say it isn’t so doesn’t make it true. As for me holding my alcohol better than Sonja, I’m taller so it takes longer to go to my head!” I don’t really think it’s an insult to say that someone holds her alcohol well. If anything, I feel like it’s a compliment, but maybe that’s just me?

The Countess was pretty confused by Ramona’s reaction to her birthday gift and apparently she is still feeling the sting from the icy reception. Luann wrote, “Ramona’s birthday party became a birthday bashing at least for me anyway! I gave Ramona a necklace from The Countess Collection that I wanted to give her a couple of months ago, but it wasn’t in production. A gift is a gift. How rude. This does not qualify as a re-gift. Her Ramemory fails her again.”

First off, there are so many good puns that people can make with the name Ramona – I don’t know about you, but I thought “Ramemory” was pretty cute. But anyway, I love how Lu took the opportunity to plug her jewelry line while she aired her grievances against Ramona’s lack of appreciation for her gift. Classic.

So far this season, it seems like Luann is the odd one out, and she’s really feeling the cold shoulder from a lot of the ladies. Poor Lu.


 [Photo Credits: Bravo]