WWHL: Kyle Richards And Sonja Morgan Talk RHOBH And RHONY; Kyle Continues To Stand By Lisa Vanderpump

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards and The Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan are guests on WWHL tonight.

About Kyle “finding out” Lisa Vanderpump tried to throw her under a bus over the Munchausen drama, she shares, “I didn’t just find out anything. This is something that happened months ago. I dealt with it in the moment. When Lisa Rinna brought it up, I said, ‘I’ve already dealt with this and we talked about this and it’s over. I don’t want to be brought into this. If you have an issue with it, that’s your thing. I have moved on. Lisa and I are in a good place and I want to stay there.'”


Are Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson bullying Lisa Vanderpump? “I think bullying is a strong word,” says Kyle, “and I don’t think it really should be used in the Housewives forum. However, they had an issue with Lisa and they felt like they had to discuss it, and that’s what we do on the show. I’m sure that Lisa felt like that but I think they were just expressing their opinion, but I chose not to be a part of that.”

A caller asks if it’s true that Sonja used to date Luann‘s new fiance, Thomas D’Agostino. “I love him. I love him a lot. He’s a great guy. I love the Countess. I want them to be happy and I’m very excited about their upcoming nuptials.”

Andy‘s like, OK, but did you DATE him? “I thought everyone knew…that was in all the news…well, when I was dating him, it wasn’t on the news because we were very discreet. I have known Thomas for a very long time. He’s a very nice person. We had a nice relationship.”

Sonja says she’s had “nothing new” done when a viewer says her face looks different. “Oh, the vaginal laser,” she jokes, “the effect of that…I lost weight with all the new exercise.”

Is Kyle‘s jacket real fur? “This is not fur. They are feathers and birds lose their feathers naturally … These are actually made out of Housewives eyelashes.”

Kyle admits it is “very difficult” to be friends with Lisa Rinna given how she treats/talks about Kim Richards. As for Lisa Vanderpump, she shares, “Lisa and I are great, which is why I didn’t want to rock the yacht in Dubai.”

Speaking of Kim, Kyle admits she thinks Brandi Glanville wearing her “it’s not fun to be sober” t-shirt with Kim is insensitive. “I was not shocked by it, because nothing she does shocks me, but I think it was very insensitive.”

When asked if she thinks Carole Radziwill and Luann de Lesseps will ever be friends again, Sonja teases, “You’re going to have to tune in because there is a lot going on between the two of them and it doesn’t start on a good foot.” Andy adds, “It sure doesn’t … The season starts with Sonja and Luann moving in together…” 

Why does Rinna bring up Yolanda Foster and Munchausen repeatedly? “Like she says, her lips were made for talking and that is just what she’ll do. She talks too much and she likes to talk about other people’s lives and not her own.”

Despite her earlier over-share about her well-exercised vagina, Sonja says her dating life is “so boring” right now. Andy asks about the tall 25 year old that accompanied Sonja the last time she was on the show. “You don’t forget a good man, do you?” she quips. “I did bring him here…nhjbut I don’t have him on camera on the show.”

Sonja blushes and stumbles over her words when Andy asks if Mr. 25 and Tall is still a friend with benefits. “It was so much fun when Luann was at the house,” she says, changing the subject. “Tripping up the stairs… tripping down the stairs…”

When a caller asks Kyle why LVP and Yolanda are so at odds, she says, “If I were to guess, probably something to do with Mohamed and the relationships there.”

Poll – Whose side are on you on – Lisa Vanderpump or Everyone Else? (Andy changes it to Lisa/Kyle or Everyone Else after Kyle points out that she stuck by Lisa Vanderpump.)

Lisa/Kyle – 79%
Everyone Else – 21%


Photo Credit: Twitter