Heather Dubrow - RHOC Season 8 Secrets Revealed

Heather Dubrow isn’t too thrilled with some of the ‘revelations’ shared by producers on last night’s behind the scenes episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County season 8 – namely that she tried to get Alexis Bellino fired. 

Season 8 was Heather’s second season on the show and one comment production made was that Heather was basically forced into it by her husband Terry Dubrow, and was eager and anxious to get Alexis replaced with one of her friends. On her podcast Heather Dubrow’s World, she insists none of that is true.

“Some of the producers have some revisionist history going on!” scoffs Heather. Heather insists she never conspired to have Alexis replaced by a friend or chased them down with a casting suggestion after Alexis fled the CUT Fitness party. “That never happened,” Heather swears. “I had no one!”


In fact, Heather already had a friend cast that season who bailed last minute – it’s a familiar last name, though! The original plan was for Alexis to be ‘replaced’ by Jim Edmonds‘ ex-wife!

“The person that had the contract as the new wife was Allison Edmonds,” Heather explains. “Allison turned down the contract. Obviously she and Jimmy were not going through a good time and they ultimately ended up getting divorced, and it wasn’t right for her.”

“But we were already filming when she [Allison] said no – and then they brought Alexis back. Our understanding is that’s why they brought Alexis back – that’s what we all knew,” confirms Heather

Heather also says Lydia McLaughlin wasn’t hired as “Alexis‘ friend,” because Heather also knew her, and had filmed a scene with Lydia prior to the CUT Fitness party. “We all knew that they knew each other,” Heather clarifies. “And no one was up in arms about that. I remember a lot of people were up in arms that Alexis was coming back.” Heather also confirms that Tamra knew Alexis would be attending the CUT Fitness dinner because it was an “all-cast” event.  

Sharing the real story of how she was actually cast –  Heather verifies, that yes, Terry did sign the contract for her! 

Heather’s Journey To Housewives actually began when she auditioned for one of the very early seasons after producers approached reality veteran Terry. At that time Heather had three kids, and was desperate to do anything to get back on TV, but had never seen RHOC. “I did the audition and they strung me along – it was the year they hired Alexis! – to the end, and then, when I heard back, they said I was ‘too New York'”

Initially Terry was relieved Heather wasn’t cast because he decided RHOC was too trashy – and Heather was pissed Terry even had her audition! “But then the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills comes out, and of course Adrienne and Paul Nassif are on the show and we knew them for many, many years, so I started watching it. And then I knew the format.” 

By season 7, Heather was ready to jump on board the reality train and was in LA pitching a show about opening a restaurant with some friends. One of the production companies they met with was Evolution, who produces RHOC as well. Afterwards a producer called Terry to see if Heather would be interested in being a Housewife. She was not. Despite Terry badgering, she refused until he signed the contract. “That’s 100% true,” Heather confirms. “He wanted it so bad – I was so reluctant.” 

The fight between Terry and Heather in season 8 was actually the result of Terry constantly pushing Heather’s buttons to create drama. “I was so horrified to be on the show, and he was sooo mean about it and he kept pushing my buttons!” she complains. “He fights dirtier than I do! I never cross the line. He says things for shock value.” 

Heather was also irritated by the comment by the producer who said Heather runs the marriage, which she denies by pointing out that they live in OC because of Terry, are on TV because of Terry, and building their house because of Terry…  “I love every second of it, but he enjoys playing the role of the down-trodden husband with the pushy wife,” she laughs. “People who really knew us are like ‘puh-leaze’ That’s why I get so irritated on camera when I’m thrust into this role.” 

Also Heather had to revisit the Malibu Country debacle that happened in season 8, and was mercifully skipped in the behind the scenes. According to Heather it’s apparently Andy Cohen‘s favorite feud from season 8. 

Heather clarifies once and for all that Gretchen and Alexis were offered an opportunity to do a walk-on role ‘as Real Housewives’ (aka playing themselves, not acting), because the producers of Malibu Country didn’t know Heather was actually on RHOC when they “wrote” her a role. “Gretchen didn’t know this happened… ” tried to prove what a great friend she was to Tamra by turning down the role to attend to her wedding dress shopping

So there you go some behind-the-scenes, behind-the-scenes!


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