Jules Wainstein

Michael Wainstein Denies Cheating On Jules Wainstein; Blames RHONY For Divorce

The divorce drama between Jules Wainstein and her future-ex-husband Michael Wainstein continues to get crazier! Jules blames their divorce on Michael cheating. Yesterday she called the police alleging that he threatened her after a messy tax situation was unveiled.  Michael is finally speaking out, and obviously denies that he had an affair. Also he blames Real Housewives Of New York for turning Jules into a narcissistic attention-seeking drama queen. No… 

“The marriage is over! But, not due to any fault [of Michael] who was not ‘busted’ for cheating as incorrectly alleged,” comes a statement from Michael’s rep Mark Jay Heller. 


Michael’s rep claims Jules has known their marriage was over for months and was formally served papers on May 13, yet, “she has not even answered the complaint, let alone alleged adultery.”

Instead it seems Jules, who has been blasted for being boring on Real Housewives Of New York, chose to go public with the divorce announcement a month later – coincidentally on a night where RHONY focused on her issues with Michael. #YolandaHadidPR

Jules “’reality show persona’ has caused her to morph into a wannabe ‘drama queen’ who is totally out of sync with reality to the grave detriment of her long-suffering husband who no longer chooses to be her foil and assume the role of ‘drama king,’” Michael’s rep tells Page Six (sounding not at all like a ‘drama king!’). Yikes

As for yesterday’s police dramaMichael’s rep dismisses this as one of Jules‘ regular attention-seeking stunts! “She regularly calls the police with false allegations, and the police arrive and find there was no incident.” Quite an accusation!

“She is trying to create an incident to get him arrested so she can get an order of protection and get exclusive occupancy of the house for herself,” Michael’s rep continues. “That’s a tactic that some women use … This is a tactic she is using to enhance the drama.” Speaking of apartments, a source claims that Jules and Michael actually live in a rental and do not own the massive Flatiron District apartment featured on RHONY

Jules rep scoffs that Michael’s statement “speaks for itself — it’s utterly disgusting.”

Well, well… I do find the timing both curious and interesting. Jules isn’t making much of a splash this season being the “hopeful” and “sweet” sidekick, and she’s harbored a life-long dream of being famous. What better storyline to lead her into next season than a divorce and custody drama, and Jules ‘moving on.’ [eye roll]

It’s also quite odd to me that Jules’s divorce hit the tabloids to coincide with a RHONY episode of the same subject – to help sow the seeds of doubt that Michael was a philandering jerk? Equally bizarre considering that all season they’ve been portrayed as happy and relatively normal. 

Also if Jules‘ instagram is any indication, she seems to be handing the public dissolution of her marriage with aplomb! 


[Photo Credit: Nicky Nelson/WENN.com]