Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap Part 2 – Kail And Chelsea

Last night’s reunion episode featuring Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska concluded season 7 of Teen Mom 2. Kail blamed the problems in her marriage on Javi Marroquin and Chelsea more or less confirmed there’s no reason for her to be on the show anymore. And even though these two are good moms and fairly successful, Dr. Drew Pinsky put on his therapist hat for this group after having left Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer to flounder in their mess.

Dr. Drew cuts right to the chase and asks for the status on Kail and Javi’s marriage. Supposedly Kail doesn’t know yet because it’s hard to make big life decisions while he’s gone. We all know she’s made up her mind, so maybe the life decisions she’s unsure of aren’t related to staying in the marriage, but rather what kind of visitation schedule Javi should have for Lincoln or how much child support she should demand. For now, she’s just focusing on her career. Dr. Drew high fives her for being the only one of all the teen moms to graduate from a 4-year university, which makes Kail tear up.


Then Dr. Drew brings up the miscarriage. Kail has had time to process and grieve, but the whole situation had a major impact on her marriage. She doesn’t believe Javi was helpful or sympathetic and it was hard for her to hear that he blamed it on her, but she acknowledges that he no longer blames her. Dr. Drew wonders why they’re not trying again now, as if it’s not blatantly obvious. Instead of admitting that she’s not interested in staying with Javi, much less having kids with him, she attributes it to timing; she wants to focus on her career now, a realization that dawned her while Javi has been deployed.

Dr. Drew thinks Kail and Javi should stay together for another season of Teen Mom 2 Isaac. Kail had about 8 stepdads growing up and she doesn’t want Isaac to experience men coming in and out of his life, but she doesn’t think staying in an unhappy relationship sets a good example either. Can she get a high five for that? She tells Dr. Drew he doesn’t understand what the pressure of being on tv does to a marriage. Dr. Drew concedes that most marriages in the reality tv landscape do not survive, but Kail has broken the mold by graduating from college and “doing what she’s doing” (what is she doing?) so he challenges her to stay in a sucky marriage and not be a “stat.” Maybe he has a side hustle sending Teen Mom stars to VH1’s Couples Therapy.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap

Javi is still on deployment so he joins via videochat. He had an opportunity to come out to L.A. for the reunion, but he figured it was better to give Kail her space. He admits he was wrong to blame Kail for the miscarriage and apologizes for the hundredth time, believing that’s what made the marriage start to go downhill. Asked for his opinion on the status of the marriage, Javi isn’t sure. He plans on getting his own place after deployment and Kail will stay in the house. He thinks they’ll divorce, but he doesn’t want to. Poor Javi wants his family together more than anything in the world, but Kail seems to just be throwing it away. Kail throws the blame back at Javi for not wanting to be with her if they don’t have another child and she’s not ready for one now. But Javi doesn’t need one now and Kail has been telling him she NEVER wants another kid. Kail quickly changes her tune and says she can’t have one later either because it will be hard having a newborn when Isaac’s older. If anything, I think it would be easier. Isaac is 6 going on 35, ready to take care of babies. Imagine how helpful he’ll be when he’s 12. But this baby drama is all a facade anyway. They don’t want to be with each other, but neither wants to admit it and both are trying to blame the other for the dissolution of the marriage.

Kail finally confesses that she no longer wants to be in the marriage because she and Javi don’t have the same goals and views. Sounds reasonable, but then she quickly reverts back to blaming Javi, claiming she supports him in his career but doesn’t feel the same in return. Dr. Drew tells Javi to think how Isaac will be affected, like Javi doesn’t think of that all the time. Isaac’s his best friend! But he knows Kail is done and once she’s made up her mind, there’s no changing it. She’s throwing in the towel and even though she’s crying now, this is the first time he’s seen her cry over it. Dr. Drew asks if they’re willing to continue talking to each other for ISAAC’S sake. Javi definitely is – he wakes up every two hours hoping he’ll have a text from Kail. Kail is completely unsympathetic though, saying all of his changes and claims to want to support her are too late.

Jo and Kail

Later, Jo Rivera joins Kail on stage. Kail and Jo are in a good place with co-parenting. Neither of them want to fight anymore and they agree that they have both matured. Vee Torres has also helped the situation by forcing them to keep communicating. Jo was aware that Kail and Javi were struggling because he had talked with her a lot. But he sees a huge difference in her with Javi gone. She seems happier and Jo thinks that’s why he and Kail are getting along so well now. Kail cries, claiming it’s a hard pill to swallow realizing that she may be happier without Javi.

Dr. Drew polls Jo on how this will affect Isaac. Jo knows how close Isaac is to Javi and loves that they have such a great relationship. He’s afraid of Isaac being destroyed if things don’t go well, but is confident that Javi’s a decent man and will continue to be in Isaac’s life. He wants Kail to be happy and whatever is best for the kids, but doesn’t believe there’s a solid solution. Jo seems surprised and confused when Dr. Drew mentions Jo having said his relationship with Javi is good. In Jo’s opinion, his relationship with Javi is non-existent. “Javi’s weird to me,” he laughs. “I can’t read him.” He’s tried to have a closer relationship with Javi, like what Kail and Vee have, but Javi’s not responsive. On a happier note, Vivi is doing great and Jo and Vee are engaged. Kail will get an invitation, but it’s unlikely Vee will ask for her help in planning. It’s nothing against Kail, though, Vee doesn’t even want Jo’s input! “Happy wife, happy life,” Kail advises.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap Part 2

Lastly, Dr. Drew “checks in” with Chelsea. Overall, things have been going great for her this year. She’s happily engaged to Cole DeBoer and his relationship with Aubree is amazing. Dr. Drew wonders how Aubree feels about Adam Lind. Chelsea says for a long time, she only had Adam to look to as a father-figure and he is obviously terrible. But now she has “Coley Daddy” as an example, plus she’s getting older and wiser to Adam’s crap. As far as Chelsea’s relationship with Adam, they never talk. Dr. Drew asks her how Adam feels about the child support situation. She’s kind of short with him and seems annoyed, mumbling he’s probably upset and she’s not sure how he feels. She looks pained and unwilling to be there, but she plays along anyway, unlike Adam (more on that below). She tells Dr. Drew she’s in a different place in her life now and wants more privacy, which is why she and Cole don’t discuss Adam on camera and why they’re not letting cameras into their wedding. But that was your only remaining storyline!

“Are you glad you agreed to do this program?” Dr. Drew asks. Chelsea forces out an affirmation of how awesome it has been. “What are the advantages of having done this?” Dr. Drew continues to prod. Chelsea cites the decrease in teen pregnancies and all the support she has gotten through low times in her life. That’s right, good puppet, Dr. Drew nods. To appear objective, he also asks her for the negative. But she stays right on script and simply says she’s becoming more private.

When Adam joins Chelsea on the couch, Dr. Drew asks if he has any thoughts on what Chelsea said. “Uh, not really I guess.” No thoughts in here. You’ve come to the wrong place. Dr. Drew begins to ask about the father-daughter dance, but Adam shrugs his shoulders in non-violent protest. He professes to be done with the show and refuses to answer any questions. He only showed up because he was required to by contract. Dr. Drew continues to ask about child support, but Adam doesn’t break. He texted MTV and told them he didn’t want to come to L.A., but supposedly, he was told he better come out or “get a f–cking lawyer.” “So here I sit. I’m obligated to be here; I’m not obligated to answer any of your questions.” Dr. Drew asks Chelsea how she feels about Adam leaving the show. What does she care? She’s waiting for him to fall off the planet.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap

I have a feeling Dr. Drew knew this stonewalling was coming. He asks Adam if he consulted with an attorney about what his obligations were. Of course, he didn’t. Dr. Drew believes Adam can go to the producers and they’ll let him out. Adams says he tried to talk to Larry. Conveniently, Larry is ready to come out on stage and tell his side of the story. Dr. Drew introduces Larry to the audience as “the guy from all the Farrah stuff”. Yeah, we remember Larry. Larry claims he never said it would be a breach of contract for Adam to not show up. Rather, he had asked Adam to honor his commitment because he made a commitment to the show. Telling an intellectually disadvantaged guy like Adam to “honor his commitment,” knowing he’s unlikely to consult an attorney, definitely seems like a veiled threat to me. But Larry just thought it would be a weird place for Adam to end now and not finish up the season. Dr. Drew agrees.

Eventually, Dr. Drew gets down to the bottom line with Adam. If the producers can offer him enough money to stick around, he probably will. “Is this show about money?” Dr. Drew asks. “Yep,” Adam nods. At least he’s honest. Plus, he has two babies and god knows how many cars to pay for. He asserts everyone is in it for the money, but Chelsea disagrees. For her, it’s not about the money, it’s about young women (yeah right!). Dr. Drew finally releases Adam from the stage so he and Chelsea can continue their conversation.


Randy Houska joins Chelsea on the couch and he is not at all surprised by what had just happened with Adam. Dr. Drew credits Adam for having changed, not having any car accidents in a while, and staying out of jail. But Randy said the only lesson learned was to not get caught. Adam’s still up to his old ways of drinking, partying, and BSing. Regarding child support, it was originally set at the lowest amount allowable by law, but all of their lives have changed and Adam’s making more money now, but contributing virtually nothing. According to Randy, Adam spent more in one month on some old Corvette than he has on Aubree in 6 years.

Dr. Drew barely said a word about the dysfunctional situation Kaiser’s stuck in, but he gets pretty emotional talking about the father-daughter dance. He believes Adam has formed a template for abandoning males in the future. He thanks Chelsea for allowing the producers to show that story because this kind of abandonment happens a lot throughout the country. Women keep getting with guys who abandon and neglect them and it all starts with the biological fathers. To be fair to Adam, it seems like Chelsea could have done a better job communicating the specifics of the dance. She told him to look on the school’s website for details and when he texted that he couldn’t find them, she told him to call the school. She couldn’t just say it’s on Saturday at 7? I think there’s a dark side of Chelsea that she strategically keeps hidden from the cameras. Dr. Drew advises her to tell Aubree that Adam has a condition that makes him unable to do certain things and assure her it’s not her fault. Chelsea says she wants to be honest with Aubree, which probably means a lot of bad-mouthing Adam.


To wrap up the show, everyone gets out on stage, except Nathan Griffith, David Eason, and Kaiser. No word on whether Nathan got to see Kaiser. Usually all the kids come out as well, but the girlses are with Corey Simms, and Isaac, Lincoln, Aubree, and her grandmother are all on via videochat. Cole remained unseen. So the only kids on stage are Addie and Jace, who apparently has a little crush on Aubree. Lincoln tortures Isaac on videochat, pausing briefly to shoot a deathstare through the camera. Kail beams with pride at her stone-cold little man. Meanwhile, Larry prepares for his next series: Teen Mom Survivors, starring all of these kids in roughly 10 years.

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