Kelly Dodd “Hit It Off Immediately” With Vicki Gunvalson; Her Reaction To The Rest Of The RHOC Cast

Newbie Kelly Dodd is already proving to be um… unafraid to be brazen, let’s say! So it’s no surprise that she has already buddied-up to Vicki Guvnalson. Kelly promises their friendship is completely organic and authentic – which I’m not sure I’d be excited to brag about that if I were Kelly, which thankfully I am NOT! 

After her first ever appearance on Real Housewives Of Orange County, which Kelly describes as “quite an adventure,” she dedicates her first ever blog to her friendship with Meghan King Edmonds, why she likes Vicki, and what her home life is like. 


“Season 11 is off to a great start,” gushes Kelly. “I’m looking forward to sharing our experiences with you. At times you may find yourself cheering, jeering, laughing, caring, but you definitely won’t be bored.” 

Kelly, who lives in Corona del Mar at the parking lot, I mean beach, calls life a “vacation every day” – except for when her marriage to Michael has gone through some “very rocky times.” 

Today Kelly’s marriage appears to be in a good place. “Our commitment to family, faith and forgiveness keeps us our love strong.” 

Kelly also lives with her mother and brother Eric, and admits that it’s sometimes frustrating, but worth it. “We all love each other and make each other laugh. Our house is always a hub of activity with friends dropping by to share the sunset and a few glasses of wine.” 

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Moving on to imperative matters like those bitches she’s on a TV show with, Kelly has nothin’ but love for Meghan – so far! Meghan and Kelly bonded over IVF, and presumably being married to much-older men who are chronically annoyed with them? 

“I have known Meghan for a while and she has been a good friend throughout,” says Kelly. “I am thankful that she introduced me to her circus of friends.” Subtext: Thank God I coincidentally decided to become friends with this bitch who’s on a TV show and convinced her to introduce me to producers! 

So what did Kelly think of those circus performers? “It didn’t take long for me to sense the chemistry I have with each of the ladies. My brash mouth and sarcastic, sophomoric humor isn’t for everyone. TamraVicki and Meghan laughed at my ‘Kellyisms’. Shannon not so much. Actually, not at all. Oh well. Hopefully, she’ll lighten up.” 

Heather is a gracious hostess and made us feel welcomed from the start. She definitely knows how to throw a party.” Kelly also related to Heather and Terry’s health scare. “We’ve had a similar experience with Michael,” she writes. “His family has a history of ARVC (Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy), which is a genetic condition where the heart tissue hardens and becomes fibrous.” 

The person Kelly bonded with the most, was undoubtedly Vicki. “When Vicki entered the party, the tension was palpable,” she writes. “It didn’t seem to upset Vicki too much though. She handled herself with grace and dignity.” Grace and dignity are never words I would choose to describe Vicki ‘On The Cross With Brooks’ Gunvalson

Vicki and I hit it off immediately,” declares Kelly. “She is sweet, considerate and funny.” 

Oh dear… Personally, I’m not crazy about Kelly – so far. I’m hoping she’ll settle down a bit more after she gets her ‘camera legs’ and doesn’t try so hard, but my immediate reaction was Just No. Which means she’ll still be a cast member on RHOC season 20. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]