Kelly shares all about her marriage

Who does Kelly Dodd think she is? She steps into Real Housewives of Orange County and acts like she has a handle on everything while she plays the ignorance card of not previously knowing these women. There is not one person with a television or internet access who is not familiar with Vicki Gunvalson‘s ex Brooks Ayers fabricating documents to “prove” he had cancer.

It is so obvious that Kelly just wants to stir shit up and get attention by being nice to Vicki. She can’t claim to not know her past situation while at the same time citing that she has compassion for her. Pick a stance, girl. Now she is weirdly against Shannon Beador after she is the one who gave pretty much everyone a terrible first impression with her attention-seeking antics. Insulting people’s parenting and putting your boobs in their faces is not the best way to make friends – or to be a well-liked reality TV star. 


Kelly really needs to figure out where she belongs on this show before she starts giving opinions on serious matters. She has no idea what she is talking about ninety nine percent of the time. She continued to prove this in her Bravo blog entry this week when she decided to talk about the other women not forgiving Vicki for involving them in her web of lies.

Kelly wrote, “While I don’t share the ladies’ experience of dealing with Brooks’ cancer scam, I struggle to understand why they have such a difficult time accepting Vicki‘s heartfelt plea for forgiveness. Shannon said, ‘I absolutely believe in forgiveness, BUT…’ But what? Mercy doesn’t come with conditions.” 

IF Vicki actually gave them a “heartfelt plea” the ladies would be complied to forgive her, but Vicki just talks in circles and refuses to take responsibility for anything. Vicki has not expressed any apologies over anything she’s done. She’s just sorry that she went from the OG of the OC to a total outcast. She has no remorse for what everyone else was put through – just herself. Kelly is obviously trying to look good by sympathizing with Vicki/Vicki is the star of this show so she knows it will get her more camera time.

Then Kelly cracked another one of her lame jokes when she wrote, “On the subject of BUTTs…I laughed out loud when Shannon said she had a plastic stick stuck up her a**. I could have told you that!” What an original joke, Kelly. I’m sure everyone was laughing out loud at this one…..

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She continued to rip onto Shannon when she wrote, “Don’t they teach logic at the University of Spoiled Children? If so, Shannon skipped class that day. Shannon supposedly forgave David for having an affair, an act that negatively impacted her much more than any act committed against her by Vicki. So why not bury that hatchet with Vicki and try to be friends again?”

Kelly needs to think before she speaks. Not only was Shannon mad about Vicki lying to her about the cancer scandal, but Vicki also told people Shannon didn’t even know about her husband’s affair and violated her trust. Shannon has plenty of valid reasons for not being friends with Vicki. And it’s pretty obvious that Kelly just can’t stand anyone who doesn’t want to be her friend or sidekick.

The best thing about Kelly‘s blog entry is that she teased some drama with Tamra Judge. It’s very subtle, but check out what she wrote: “At this point in the season, Tamra and I are finding a lot of common ground. We both love to laugh and we both love our families. As a mother, I understand Tamra’s perspective — there is no expiration date on love and caring. Some children take longer to leave the nest and stand completely on their own. Good moms try their best to be there for their children, regardless.”

The part where Kelly said “at this point in the season,” is a definite indication of some tension to come. Trust me on that one. There is no chance in hell that these two people who obsess over getting attention and shit stirring are going to be on the same side.


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