Heather Dubrow On Being Blindsided By Vicki Gunvalson; Calls Kelly Dodd Judgmental And Warns RHOC Is “Supercharged” With Drama This Season!

Heather Dubrow appears be going rogue and using her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World to share her true feelings on each episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County, including what the viewers didn’t see and don’t know! I for one am thrilled to hear a renegade Heather dish the dirty dirt – which after last night’s episode is all about Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd. Delight me, Heather! 

Heather promised that while the next few episodes are easing us in by introducing Kelly, and reconnecting the women, things really take off in a few episodes. “This was a building episode,” she says. “A lot of information was sort of subtly given, so I hope people were really paying attention.” 


Heather also shares that RHOC has not finished filming – including ongoing interviews. Moving into what happened in the episode, she reveals that she wasn’t expecting a sit-down with Vicki on the yacht

“That was hard for me. I didn’t intend to have a conversation with her,” recounts Heather. “I didn’t have anything prepared… I just thought it was gonna be an easy-breezy party, just say hi to everyone, and have a real talk later.” Unsurprisingly the conversation was a much longer than it appeared, and she was out there with Vicki for a “loooong time.” Heather was itching to wrap it up,  but “didn’t want to be rude and extract myself.” 

Unfortunately the conversation didn’t resolve anything. “It’s the same point over and over,” Heather sighs. “I just wanted her to take accountability. She admitted that she fabricated the story about Terry and the IV, and all that, and then she takes it back! If she just said I lied about this, or I got caught, or something. Or I was in too deep and didn’t know how to get out. She does that ‘I’m sorry you feel that way kind of apology…’ I wish she would say ‘I’m sorry’ without qualifying it.” 

Then Heather gets into Kelly’s TMI filled-episode, and her insta-friendship with Vicki. Heather seems suspicious, and warns this won’t be the last we see of Kelly’s dysfunctional ways!  

Heather laughed about Kelly referring to her daughter as a “mini me” then cameras showing Jolie chugging cough syrup out of the bottle, but Heather was shocked when Kelly compared her husband Michael to Hitler. “One of the girls told me that when he calls her  – you know how you have a picture that pops up? – that it’s Hitler. I didn’t believe her until I saw [Kelly] say that on the show this week.” 

Heather and her podcast producer agree Kelly doesn’t seem happy, and Heather reveals that Kelly provides a lot more details about her marriage as the season continues. “I think it’s sad that she just doesn’t seem to love him. If my husband talked about me like that I’d be devastated.” 

“I thought the dynamic between Kelly and Meghan was interesting,” continues Heather – referring to Meghan warning Kelly away from Vicki. “Kelly’s an adult she can be friends with whomever she wants, and Meghan agrees with that, but I was a little surprised she just completely disregarded Meghan’s feelings.” 

Heather describes Meghan’s demolition party as Kelly getting a little anger out with the saw, and observed, “It seems like Kelly is making a lot of judgements about the other girls at that party, but not about Vicki. It seems like Vicki gets a pass even though she doesn’t know her very well either.”

Heather also implies that Kelly definitely came prepared by watching the show prior to filming, although Heather acknowledges that after 11 seasons, who hasn’t? Heather poises the question, “Did Kelly have preconceived notions?” Like realizing Vicki was on the outs with everyone allowing Kelly to swoop in and become her ‘friend’/ally. Apparently Heather finds out the truth about Kelly, but teases, “You’ll have to watch the show a little bit longer to find out, because that becomes, in my opinion, clear.” 

Recapping her family vacation to Turks and Caicos, Heather declares it the best family trip they’ve ever had, and denies it comped, or sponsored by Bravo. It seems like Heather got a lot of criticism about this but she insists it was their actual family vacation paid for by the Dubrows. 

Heather admits she was hurt by Terry’s comments that he doesn’t feel bad about his lack of time with the kids. “That, I think, is a problem,” complains Heather. “It makes me really sad, because I think he will regret it down the road and he doesn’t even realize it. Time will tell. I’m hoping that by seeing it, it will strike a chord with him.” She adds that as the season progresses Terry gets better about designating family time.  

Shockingly, Heather described Shannon’s awkward Valentine’s dinner with and David as “hysterical.” What show was Heather watching?! Heather compares the necklace David gave Shannon to receiving a gift from one of the kids and gushing over it, even though it’s hideous. “At least he made an effort!” she laughed. “He’s very happy. That was fabulous.” Uhhhhhhh… 

Heather did not comment on Tamra’s mommy issues, because well, when you can’t say anything nice say nothing at all, right? 

Heather wraps up her RHOC discussion by teasing that the drama really intensifies around episode 4 or 5. “It’s incredibly crazy. Crazy. Maybe one of the most dramatic episodes that we’ve ever done. And not just one group, like multiple people having multiple things going on – I mean, crazy. And from that moment to the end of the season, is a ride. Once that train leaves the station it’s supercharged!” 

Other points of interest: Heather and Terry are still not in their mega-mansion, and are currently living in and out of hotels because she gave up their rental believing the house would be done soon. They are still waiting on lighting and furniture to be completed (the unfinished lighting is Terry’s fault, of course). 

Heather also saw an anti-aging doctor – Dr. Lee – who’s also Tamra’s doctor. Heather got blood work and is ecstatic to report, “I have super-human blood!” Naturally. 


[Photo Credit: Joe Scarnici/Bravo]