Kyle Richards Sued – Kim Richards’ Dog Kingsley Allegedly Attacked Again!

kim and kyle are shocked by brandi

I hope Kyle Richards is having a relaxing vacation in Italy, because back home in Beverly Hills a storm awaits as Kim Richards and Kingsley strike again! 

Remember how Kim supposedly got rid of Kingsley, her attack pitt bull, after he mauled 5 people including Kyle’s daughter Alexia? Apparently Kim was actually hiding Kingsley in the closet all this time! According to a new lawsuit, before a Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills event in April, Kingsley attacked again! This time the maniacal dog struck an unsuspecting stylist. What was it Kyle said about the show being good for Kim


Paige Sanderson alleges that in April she paid a visit to Kyle’s house to style Kim for a RHOBH promotional event, and there on the scene lurked KINGSLEY! Paige’s lawsuit claims that upon seeing the notorious dog, she hid, and only reappeared when she was assured it was safe because Kingsley was restrained. Unfortunately Kim’s son Chad Davis later let the dog out, even warning that he bites! 

Once free Kingsley brutally attacked Paige! Per court documents, obtained by TMZ, Kingsley “lunged at her, bit and held on to her lower abdomen and crotch, tearing off her leggings and underwear and ripping out portions of flesh.” She continues to require medical treatment for injuries sustained. 

Paige’s suit also includes Chad, and Kim’s attorney, Bruce London

Similar to the lawsuit filed by Kay Rozario, who was attacked by Kingsley in 2014, Paige states that Kim refused to call 911 unless she promised to tell paramedics she was attacked by a stray dog because “Defendant Richards” wanted to avoid “negative publicity.” 

E! News reports that Paige’s lawsuit accuses Kim’s attorney of “fraudulently filled out hospital papers to ensure the hospital staff knew that it was a stray dog attack, a statement Defendant London knew was not true, all to his personal financial gain.”

Kingsley’s former trainer previously claimed Kim retained ownership of the dangerous dog by registering him under a different name. 

Paige has added Kyle to her suit because Kingsley’s attack happened in her home. Paige is seeking boatloads of money (how much is not disclosed) for emotional distress, cosmetic surgery, and medical bills and we all know Kim doesn’t have any money

If this is true I have ZERO sympathy for Kyle! How could she allow Kingsley in her home after the dog practically ripped Alexia’s hand off! What is wrong with Kyle in refusing to set boundaries with Kim?! This is ridiculous and, in my opinion, given that this is the SIXTH person on record that Kingsley has reportedly attacked, Kim needs to face criminal charges and that dog forcibly removed from her care by animal control. Kim is a danger to society and apparently like mother, like dog-son! 

Kim just got off with essentially a slap on the wrist when a judge only awarded Kay Rozario only a few thousand dollars, and now Kim will once again be back in court. Let’s see what pathetic excuses she rambles up this time


[Photo Credit: Bravo]