Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Casting Rumors – Kathryn Edwards And Yolanda Hadid Out?

With Season 7 contracts being signed, rumors are already swirling about next season’s cast. One thing is unquestionably certain – Bravo wants changes! It seems they might want more true friendship and fun, rather than the divisive “Munchausen show” and ManipulationGate, RHOBH became last season.  

Oh no – say it ain’t so Yolanda Hadid is probably not be returning to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills next season. I don’t know how I’ll recover from the heartbreak. Maybe I’ll just go instagram some sad-face selfies. 

Unfortunately Kathryn Edwards, who I was slow to warm-up to, but eventually really liked, is reportedly not returning either. 


At the center of last season’s negativity was Yolanda, who hid marital issues behind medical ones, was condescending to the other women, and focused her entire storyline around Lyme Disease and who wasn’t sympathetic enough. But, let’s be frank, IV Drips are not the glamorous image Bravo wants of their wealthiest zip code! 

According to Tamara Tattles, who usually has very solid casting tea, contracts have been signed by Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, and Erika Girardi. As was expected.

Presently Eileen Davidson is supposedly being offered a Friend of the Housewives role, but is not happy about it (and neither is Lipsa). Kathryn was not asked back. Us Weekly is also reporting that Kathryn was fired. 

And… duh, duh, duh: YOLANDA (possibly) WAS ALSO FIRED! I s’pose without David’s fabulous life, no one is interested in the Lymetastic Journey. I’m also guessing none of the women went to bat, campaigning for Yolanda’s return – probably not even her BFF “Erica“. 

Unsurprisingly, Yolanda is said to be furious, and is spending her divorce coins on a last-minute recovery vaycay to paradise. Tamara Tattles says there’s a prediction Yolanda may pull a last-minute stunt as an attempt to entice producers to bring her back. What a miraculous recovery after ingesting coconuts?! Obviously Yolanda wants to continue having a platform for her attention seeking Lyme journey, and to sell her book. Well, Yolanda, you made your treatment bed by concealing the truth, (and being depressing TV), now lie in it and sick-selfie to your heart’s content! 

I’m sure LVP’s fury also featured in the casting decision with Eileen and Yolanda. However there’s long been stories that producers were frustrated with Yolanda’s antics. Andy did seem pretty annoyed on her last WWHL appearance. Rumor has it Yolanda has been a hell-on-wheels diva and impossibly demanding to work with (the last-minute bailing on filming is nothing new), but last season was out of control. 

As for Kim Richards, of course, she’ll be filming as a Friend. Kim is back in court today for her probation requirements. That court date was supposed to be last month, but was pushed back.  TamaraTattles says Kim reportedly had a relapse while filming Mother/Daughter Experiment. It seems she’s struggling with My Sobriety again, but her latest relapse/violations could equal jail time. We know Bravo is NOT going to miss that!

Bravo is likely planning to film Kim and Kyle bonding over Brooke’s pregnancy, and presumably pull more Kathy Hilton drama, since Nicky is also prego. 

Now, for the RHOBH of the future! Apparently there are four women currently testing for open spots. One of them may be Sydney Holland, who is campaigning hard to get a bite of the Bravo action.

Oh – it looks like Brandi Glanville will not be back in any capacity, because with Yolanda gone, who on earth would film with her? 


Photo Credit: Bravo