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Teresa Giudice Explains Why The RHONJ Premiere Was Hard For Her To Watch

I am semi-embarrassed to admit that I got pretty emotional when I watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 premiere episode. I am way too invested in these people’s lives and Teresa Giudice’s homecoming really got me choked up. Yes, I was super annoyed that Bravo waited until the end of the episode before giving me what I really wanted to see, but it was definitely worth the suspense. The Queen is back and I am so excited about it.

Still, I felt awkward watching the nervous anticipation from Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga before Teresa’s return since I now know that they are all on really good terms and that Melissa and Teresa are now besties. And if I feel kind of conflicted watching the family tension, then I can’t imagine how Teresa herself feels.


I have no idea how Teresa can get through living the life that she has let alone watching it all again on TV and being obligated to discuss it to promote the show. Teresa wrote all about the RHONJ premiere episode in her Bravo blog.

Tre revealed, “Watching this episode wasn’t easy. It made me cry. Seeing Joe and my daughters waiting for me while I drove home with Jim brought back a lot of tough memories. It was surreal to watch. I had waited for that moment for 11 and a half months and felt like it was a dream. I still do.”

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I’m not gonna lie. I also got very emotional watching the scene, so it has to be so difficult for Teresa to watch especially now that her husband Joe is behind the bars serving his sentence.

Teresa also said, “I have to admit I broke down when I watched Joe and the girls hug and kiss me when I walked through the door. It was such an emotional moment. One I will never forget.” Same though. It was such a raw moment. I was so annoyed watching the fluff during the rest of the episode, but I it was such a powerful scene.

I also felt really strange seeing how excited, yet nervous, Melissa and Joe Gorga were waiting for Teresa to come home. I felt the tension coming through my TV. I feel bad that they had to relive all of that nerve wracking anticipation all over again.

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Teresa didn’t say too much about her brother and sister-in-law, but she did write, “It also made me emotional to see how excited Joey and Melissa were for me to come home. Things with them are better than ever, I have to say, which makes me so happy. I feel like things are back to the way they were with them, thank God.”

I cannot wait to see how everything plays out now that Teresa is back in the fold. At the end of her blog, Teresa wrote, “So things are good! But stay tuned because things are going to get very interesting…” I. cannot. wait.


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