Joe Giudice Blames Joe Gorga For Teresa Giudice’s Prison Sentence On Watch What Happens Live


Following the premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga were Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live.

Filed under “Truly Horrifying Thoughts,” Andy admits he recently dreamed that Teresa Giudice was the Vice President of the United States. <whole body shudder> “I emailed her, and she said, ‘You know, you never know. Your dream might come true.'”

Andy tells Joe that Teresa plans to watch the show from prison (how nice) and asks if he wants to say anything to her. “Hello, baby, I love you,” he says. “You know what your brother asked me to do before we came on?! He told me to kiss him. I told him to kiss my ass.” 


What’s the one thing that’s the toughest to get through without Teresa? “Every day is a tough day without her around,” bemoans Joe. “I just make sure that the girls are all doing good and I just always make sure that everything is good as far as their activities every day to keep busy.”

On the special, Teresa Checks In, Gia said the younger girls were told that Teresa is “working.” Andy points out, but every phone call from Teresa is 1) on speakerphone and 2) announced that it’s a phone call from federal prison. “Oh, yeah, they know everything,” admits Joe.

Has Teresa going off to “work” for nine months made Joe a better man? “I wouldn’t say it made me a better man,” he says. “It just made me step up to the plate and do things I didn’t have to do before as far as taking care of the girls and doing everything that I’m doing. I never used to have to get up early in the morning and get them to school and do all that stuff. But, hey, you gotta adapt and make changes.” 

Joe and Joe agree (through gritted teeth) that this situation made them closer. That said, Joe Gorga admits that he blames Joe Giudice for Teresa being in prison (planning parties). “Yes,” he says. “Who else am I going to blame?”

Joe Giudice says, “I don’t know why you would blame me, but everyone’s got their own opinion on things.” After further consideration, he points at Joe Gorga and adds, “I blame more him than anybody, coming out of the show and talking all the crap that he talked. All the years with everything going on, I would blame more him than me. Just saying. When you got a fire going and you add a little gasoline, it doesn’t make it any better.”

Huh? The hell?! Here’s a thought, Joe, DON’T START A FIRE in the first place.

A viewer says Joe and Teresa should be downsizing and saving money, which begs the question, does Joe plan to move out of the marble monstrosity? “Not right now,” says Joe. “We downsized on some stuff. We got rid of a lot of stuff.” 

Joe Gorga

What does Joe Gorga think about Gia saying on Teresa Checks In that she’s not comfortable around Melissa? “We’ve come off many years of problems, or whatever, so it takes a little time for it to happen,” he says. “Teresa’s obviously not around, so it’s going to take a little bit more time.”

A caller asks if Teresa‘s done any arts and crafts in prison. Tough Questions by Bravo. Joe Giudice says she has “learned a lot” because she is “with a lot of smart people.” In case it’s not clear, he’s talking about her fellow prisoners, who are in prison because they most likely did something really dumb. But, OK.

Joe Gorga says Teresa does a lot of yoga

“Besides yoga, she emails me a lot of stuff every day,” stresses Joe Giudice. “She’s definitely talking to a lot… don’t forget they’re all lawyers and politicians. They’re not stupid. There are a lot of smart people in there.”

Is Joe exploiting Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana with the special? “I wouldn’t say I’m exploiting them,” insists Joe. “I talk to them before I do anything with them. If they agree, I’ll do it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it.”

When asked if the Manzos or the Lauritas have reached out to Joe lately, he says, “No. I gotta say the only people who have reached out from the cast is, Dina, she has picked up her godchild Audriana a few times and took her to the city and calls all the time, and Rino, he calls, like, every other week.”

For reasons I will never understand, a caller wants to know if Joe and Teresa have had any conjugal visits. <eww> Joe says no, but adds, “I get to feel her a little bit here and there. <blech> I get yelled at by the guards though.”

Andy reveals that people on Twitter are angry with Joe Giudice for not taking responsibility for Teresa being in prison. He defends himself. “I did take full responsibility prior to that, before any of this ever happened,” says Joe. “It just so happened the way it did but I had to take full responsibility for everything.”

Because Bravo never shies away from asking questions that really matter, the poll question: Who would win in an arm wrestling competition? Joe Gorga won with 51%.


Photo Credit: Twitter