Heather Dubrow Says Her Friendship With Tamra Judge Is Real; Explains Why She Loves Her!

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Surely I am not the only person wondering how in the world Heather Dubrow is friends with Tamra Judge, right? I mean, what do they really have in common other than Real Housewives Of Orange County? Heather is classy; Tamra is … not. Heather is rich; Tamra is … able to afford all of Ryan’s bills plus her own. You get the picture! 

Anyway Heather’s guest on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, was HGTV host Sabrina Soto, who also happens to be a huge fan of RHOC. She pointblank asked Heather, “Are you and Tamra really friends? I just don’t believe it!” 

“Yes we really are,” insists Heather, (she shows Sabrina texts Tamra had just sent her). Apparently they hit it off the first day they filmed together and the rest is history. 


Tamra is the one who I was introduced  [on RHOC] through, so I always call her ‘My Maker’, like Vampires have a maker and you always love your maker,” Heather laughs. Heather clarifies that they became friends through Housewives, but it’s a sincere friendship. 

“She was showing me this lot to put the house on and we ended up going for coffee afterward,” Heather continues. “… we were just sort of hanging out, talking, and she’s a mom, and she was so nice and so real and so not full of BS, I sort of fell in love with her.” 

Sabrina interjects to say that Tamra “doesn’t come across that way” on RHOC. 

“I had never watched the show before I came on so I didn’t have any preconceived notions of her,” Heather explains. “Look – we’ve had our moments over the last five years, as all friends do, but she’s a really good friend.” Heather also defends Tamra’s ‘transformation’ as genuine. “I’ve loved watching her evolve. Especially this season,” Heather continues. “This season’s really interesting.”  

Moving on, Sabrina admits to being “almost obsessed” with the Brooks cancer scam from last season. “He’s gross,” remarks Heather.

They discuss how the situation has shifted this season to the ladies wanting to forgive Vicki Gunvalson, but Vicki refusing to own any part in deceiving them. “Everyone says, ‘Move on; move on with Vicki‘  and Vicki, Tamra, and I always spoke. There was never a period of time when were not speaking.” (Even off camera, Heather clarifies) “It wasn’t necessarily the best conversations, but we were in communication when Brooks was revealing those phony medical documents for E! News and all of that – it was insane – but we were [still] in contact.”

Heather goes on to explain that during the reunion Vicki admitted to fabricating certain stories about Brooks – like the Terry IV story –  because she wanted everyone to like him, and everyone was starting to move on, but then filming started and Vicki recanted on those admissions, “And that’s what you’re seeing now.” 

Heather charitably understands Vicki’s reasoning for lying to protect Brooks. “I get that. I’m OK with that,” she maintains, but they want Vicki to admit that at some point she figured out that he was scamming. AGREED. At this point the JIG IS UP. As for whether or not this happens, Heather teases, “You’re just gonna have to watch…” 

Heather also reveals that on tonight’s episode Kelly Dodd has a BBQ and jokes about what the ladies (including herself) are wearing. “The Real Housewives parties are never casual – even if it’s a BBQ,” she laughs. 

Also, Heather and Terry are still not in their house but Heather had DISCO BALLS installed in the garage!

Tonight is an all new episode of Real Housewives of Orange County.  Vicki and Briana travel from Oklahoma to Orange County with the kids.  Meghan starts her fertility injections. And, like Heather mentioned, Kelly throws a beach party.  Join us here at 9/8c to over-analyze the entire mess.


[Photo Credit: Vivian Zink/Bravo]